exchange 2013 - lots of HAREDIRECTFAIL in message log tracking

I was looking into a missing mail message for a user, and saw one of the messages had an eventid of "HAREDIRECTFAIL".

Expanding my search, I see the log flooded with these.  I am fearful some of these messages were not delivered.

There is a single Exchange 2013 server.  All mailboxes were migrated from an Exchange 2010 server, which has since been decommissioned and removed.

Could these eventid's be related to the decommissioned Exchange 2010 server?  Are they a concern?
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snowdog_2112Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
no connector.    Never found my issue....abandoning.
Gary DewrellSenior Network AdministratorCommented:
That error means a mail redirection failed. Do you still have a connector setup to send mail to the 2010 server?
snowdog_2112Author Commented:
no answer found...
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