Ads Appear in Chrome with Conduit Search Engine

I have a client with a few XP Pc's left. One has Chrome installed. I went to download some driver updates last week and found she was using Chrome and had ads being displayed when I did a search for the driver I needed.

I've seen this with Chrome before and it appears to happen more often with Chrome than IE. I checked Add/remove programs but couldn't find anything listed that appeared to be the culprit. I ran a quick scan of SuperAntiSpyware but nothing was found. Symantec Endpoint Protection doesn't see anything either.

1. How do I stop this from occurring?
2. How do I clean it up.
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Tony GiangrecoAsked:
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Haresh NikumbhConnect With a Mentor Sr. Tech leadCommented:
have you tried step by step guide to uninstall

Remove Conduit Search
comfortjeaniusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You probably to make sure is completely removed; "Conduit Search – Virus Removal Guide"
BigPapaGottiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've had a lot of success with running the following program to remove ads from web browsers especially when removal guides do not seem to work. The program is called ADWCleaner and the link to download this free software is below.
Tony GiangrecoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. I will log in this evening when the client is closed and try the removal process.
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