Excel 2010 very slow

Hello experts,

I have an excel spreadsheet that we use for budget and activity analysis.  The data is drawn from queries on an MS Access database into 12 separate worksheets. Macros are then used to define and calculate the data. The results are then summarised at various levels (high level for the Executive Director to line item by month for the Manager) on another 2 worksheets for use by different managers.

Since upgrading from Excel 2003 to 2010, the performance of the report has diminished. Current file size is 32,100 KB. This morning a message box appeared on open: "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications." We have no idea what this means as the file was working well in 2003.

Do we need to compact the Excel workbook as we do for Access? If so how is this achieved?
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JOHN_STIBBARDConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the advice. Just yesterday I finished building the entire workbook form scratch using sumifs and countifs instead if sumproduct formulae. It is now working well and seems to be stable.
Trenton KnewOwner / Computer WhispererCommented:
I had a problem somewhat similar to this once, and resolved it by removing conditional formatting.  any of that in use?
JOHN_STIBBARDAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply Trenton - removed all conditional formatting but still getting the same message.
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you could also try stopping automatic calc while loading data, then setting it on in strategic places.
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual etc.
Trenton KnewOwner / Computer WhispererCommented:
have you re-saved the files in the newer xlsX format?  that should reduce the filesize some
JOHN_STIBBARDAuthor Commented:
Hello - sorry about the delay.

Have tried both suggestions and still no luck.  Am now getting message box "Excel ran out of resources while attempting to calculate one or more formulas. As a result, these formulas cannot be evaluated."

There is only one sheet in the workbook and the message appears even after deleting most of the formulas.

Any help appreciated.
If you cant debug it from the end you may have to do it from the beginning; rebuild the workbook.
You may try running the data-queries in Access, just to prove they can work OK.
Sometimes a cartesian product on joined tables results in a huge recordset.
JOHN_STIBBARDAuthor Commented:
All the queries are running OK in Access. I have rebuilt the excel spreadsheets twice now with the same result - rebuilt from scratch not copied from the previous.

The calculations work for a while and then the message. After that can't recalculate at all.

I have logged a call with my help desk here at work - hopefully they can sort it.  If so I will post the result.

It is interesting that this didn't happen in Excel 2003 - but now we have 2010 we have a problem.

Thanks for the suggestions.
I hope it works out - please keep me posted.
JOHN_STIBBARDAuthor Commented:
The Help Desk has not been able to give a definitive answer to the problem but have suggested that because our Operating System is Windows XP it may not provide enough RAM to support the calculations and macros in an extensive Excel 2010 workbook.  They are still looking into the issue and will advise further.

Any comments?
Sounds feasible - especially since you have ruled-out the prime suspects ;-)
The proof is how it runs on W7 with more RAM.
How much RAM is on the XP machine?
Ejgil HedegaardCommented:
A couple of more things to check.

External links to other workbooks.
If any, try disconnect, change to values.

Links in range names.
Happens when a sheet is copied into the workbook.
Delete the name.
Should not be there as you have build from scratch.

Last cell is not where the data are, but way below.
Could happen from extensive macro manipulation, inserting rows.
Last cell is often where is was from previous data, even if cell contents are deleted.
In Excel 2003 setting cell pointer at A1 before save cleaned up, but not sure that work now.
Check with Ctrl+End to see where the last cell is.
Then mark entire rows/columns from the last data to after that cell, and delete.
Don't mark to the end of the sheet, does not work. Don't know why.
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