Default Save Location for Word 2010 in SBS 2011 / Windows 7 Environment

I have a user who's default save location always comes up to the desktop in Word. We have changed the default save location to a network folder, and the change is persistant, but every time he launches Word, types a document and clicks "Save" it defaults to his desktop instead of the chosen location in Options.

Background: Windows 7 64bit on SBS 2011 using redirected folders/roaming desktop feature.
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Norm DickinsonGuruAsked:
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englanddgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why do local PC backups not exist?  Worst case is (especially if it's a client you care about) you should shove his profiles onto a cloud backup solution like Bitcasa or (pick one)...

The last call you want from a high profile user is a hardware failure without proper backups...and, while there is a lot you can do to mitigate this on the LAN with roaming profiles, can't predict when they'll decide to save something in an odd place and not realize it that happens to be some important document they really need and then their laptop dies...

So, establishing a secondary and tertiary (not just roaming desktop) backup plan would be my first suggestion.

But, with this specific issue, it's certainly an issue with his local profile.  There is only one easy fix, and that's blow out the local profile from the machine and log back in and let Windows configure all the stuff it needs to configure.

I could get into registry hacks, etc...and someone else may...but, really, that's what I'd recommend.  Fully back up his profile, then blow it out, then log back into that machine as him.  I think you'll find the issue goes away (and, by having it on the share, you are at least 1 step away from him losing his spreadsheet that will cost you your job because he lost it...)

Also, does he use the local profile for anything and does he know the difference?  If he doesn't, get rid of it.  As long as it exists, it will be a thorn in your side.
Is he overriding the default by choosing where to save?

What I mean by that is...once he chooses to save on his desktop once, it will default back to that location until he closes and opens word again.
Norm DickinsonGuruAuthor Commented:
No, he always has to manually choose the network location. It never defaults back to the place he chooses, always to the desktop.
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Odd...I tried it on two clients, and it works, but only when I close and open word again.

To elaborate, I (as the user) can (unwittingly) override the Word default save location if I:

a)  open a document from a specific location (like desktop), it defaults to the location of the document

b)  save a document in a specific location (like desktop) then create a new document without closing my original window...the new document defaults to where I saved the last document.

However, once I close ALL of my Word windows, and open it again, it goes back to the Word Default location.

Are you 100% confident that the end user is not doing this behavior without realizing it?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Sounds like either redirection is mangled or security permissions are mangled
Norm DickinsonGuruAuthor Commented:
I am confident it is acting as I described it, and I have remote access to the desktop in question at this time.  I just ran the following scenarios:

1. Launch Word from the Start Menu. Check File/Options/Save.
Under Default File Location is
"\\servername\users\username\My Documents"

Type a few words, click "save" button.

Location that comes up is "\\servername\redirectedfolders\username\desktop"

Change location and save document.

File, New blank document. Type a few words and click "save" button.
Brings me to the same location the first document was saved in.

Exit Word. Launch Word again. Back to the same location: "\\servername\redirectedfolders\username\desktop"

Double-check default file location: Still correct location.
Do other users have the same issue?

I assume not...

If so, have you tried removing the local end user profile from the local client machine completely (after backing it up somewhere, of course!) and then logging back in as the end user to let the profile regenerate?

Does the end user have this same issue if he/she logs into a different client (since you use roaming profiles)?
Norm DickinsonGuruAuthor Commented:
Nobody else has complained about it, so if anyone else has the issue I assume it is isolated to only a few of the 50+ users.

I just logged on to a different desktop and this user's Word documents save where I would expect them to, so the issue seems to be isolated to the user's primary desktop. I have not tried doing anything with the profile for a couple of reasons. First, this is the director of the organization and I want to be cautious not to put myself out of a job! :-) Second, it was a computer that was given to him from some organziation and it has a local and a network profile in the same name and would be hard to replicate. Local PC backups do not exist in this environment.

What steps would you suggest, with some detail please?
Norm DickinsonGuruAuthor Commented:
Agreed. That's what needs to be done and I will put it into practice as soon as I get a good backup of the local machine. I'm a bit old-school, so I'll simply clone the hard drive, just in case.

The organization has a tight budet and has just recently brought me in to help them get their IT into shape. Lots of things like backup solutions and various other baseline suggestions are in store for the next budget cycle, but in the meantime they are just trying to make what they have work. It's a tightrope act, but it is going to lead to a long-term satisfied client.

If that doesn't work I'll post a new question. Thanks so much!
Been there, done that, it's how I make my money.  I totally get your "beer budget" situation.

Glad to help!

Only piece of advice I'd give you, if you are in the business of helping out sloppy IT operations (which, is quite a profitable business)...always cover your bum with the high level users...

Slap them on a cloud backup solution and pay for it (and write it off as a business expense for your LLC on your taxes) as soon as you can.  NOTHING is worse then a CEO calling you and saying he has a BSOD right after you took over a contract.

Been there, done that...lost the contract.
Norm DickinsonGuruAuthor Commented:
Great advice. Thanks a bunch!
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