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Hi  all  I've created a task to run repadmin.exe /replsummary. is it possible to email the the result.  Thanks
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Raheman M. AbdulConnect With a Mentor Senior Infrastructure Support Analyst & Systems DeveloperCommented:
Try this:

$replsummary = invoke-expression { cmd.exe /c repadmin.exe /replsummary }
$Body = $replsummary

$to = ""
$from = ""
 Send-MailMessage -SmtpServer -From $from  -To $to -Subject 'repl Summary' -Body $body
Santosh GuptaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

if you are using windows 2008 or 2012 then you can achieve this goal by using the "Task Scheduler".
1. create a task to run "repadmin.exe /replsummary > C:\reports\Replication_report.txt".
2. create another task to send the email with using "Replication_report.txt" file as attachment.
Note: every time the task 1 will run it will over write the Replication_report.txt file. After that 2nd task will send it for you.

Hope it will help you.
cwstad2Author Commented:
hi I can't get the code to work it just opens up the text file
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Santosh GuptaCommented:

you mean "repadmin.exe /replsummary > C:\reports\Replication_report.txt" ??
cwstad2Author Commented:
That was on the powershell.  but I have tried the scheduled task and no output

Santosh GuptaCommented:

do you have the C:\reports, seems not, then change the output path of file.
 or just use

repadmin.exe /replsummary > Replication_report.txt

create a batch file with above command. once success, put that into scheduler as task one.
cwstad2Author Commented:
Hi yes i have created the reports folder on C:\ will try the batch tomorrow
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