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help on how to strip characters in a row using excel 2010

Excel 2010 64 bit

Have a spreadsheet with over 32,000 rows.

Column E has data that has several - (dashes) example 01-Item-name of file-test-one.abc

I need to strip out the first two dashes leaving this  name of file-test-one.abc
Column B will be the result column

A   B                    C          D                E
1                          1          1       01-item-name of file-test-one.abc
2                          1          2       02-item-name of file-test-two.abc
3                          2          1       01-example-name of example.abc
4                          2          1       02-example-name of example two.abc

AS you can see from the sample data some rows have only two dashes and others can have many more. I only need everything stripped up to the and including the second dash

A   B                                                        C          D                E
1   name of file-test-one                       1          1       01-item-name of file-test-one.abc
2   name of file-test-two                       1          2       02-item-name of file-test-two.abc
3   name of example                             2          1       01-example-name of example.abc
4   name of example two                     2          1       02-example-name of example two.abc

I can get rid of the .abc in a second pass of the data.

Column b is what I would like to have the result
Thomas Grassi
Thomas Grassi
1 Solution
Lee IngallsDirector of IT/TS, Quality and FinanceCommented:
Will column E always begin with a 2 digit number (01- or 02- etc)?
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:

thanks for responding

no they increment up 01 02 03 04 05 06 ...............

pls try


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Try this formula
=RIGHT(RIGHT(E1, LEN(E1) - SEARCH("-",E1)), LEN(RIGHT(E1, LEN(E1) - SEARCH("-",E1))) - SEARCH("-",RIGHT(E1, LEN(E1) - SEARCH("-",E1))))

Same logic even shorter


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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
I always had trouble understanding the "hacks" Excel experts go to for string manipulations. Hard (for me) to understand, hard to maintain.

Luckily, Patrick Matthews wrote an article in 2009 that showed how you can use the power of regular expressions from inside Excel: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Languages/Visual_Basic/A_1336-Using-Regular-Expressions-in-Visual-Basic-for-Applications-and-Visual-Basic-6.html

In this case, using the function RegExpReplace a possible solution looks like this:
=RegExpReplace(E2, "\d+-\w+-(.*).abc", "$1")

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which means: search for a string with
- some digits (at least 1) followed by
- a dash, followed by
- some alphanumeric characters (at least 1), followed by
- a dash, followed by
- anything and ending with
- .abc

If found, take only that "anything".

Excel file attached.

Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding worked great

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