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DNS across a VPN tunnel

Dear Experts,
      My company has a production environment (domain name = corp.company.com) and an office environment (domain name = office.company.com).   In the production environment, we have a set of Cisco ASA 5515 firewalls (managed by our datacenter) and at the office we have a set of Sonic Wall’s (managed by me).  I worked with the data center engineers to setup a site to site IKE tunnel between the sonic walls and I can now remote desktop and communicate with servers in the corp domain from the office domain and vice versa with no problems.  
      The problem is I can only access my servers on both sides by IP Address.  I realize there needs to be some form of DNS setup between the domains that I don’t fully understand.  I was able to setup a secondary zone on one of my office DNS servers that pulled down a copy of Corp.  I can now use a remote desktop session across the tunnel by using – computername.corp.company.com.   This works from the office to corp but not vice versa.  Do I need to do the same thing on the Corp side or is there just a better way to set all this up.
      Currently, all my servers are Microsoft Server 2012.

Would appreciate any and all help.
1 Solution
Dirk MareSystems Engineer (Acting IT Manager)Commented:
Yes it will work if you create a secondary zone on the domain side. You can also setup DNS forwarders on the domain side to FW request to another DNS server.

hexvaderAuthor Commented:
Since you were the only reply Ill give you the points.  I was aware this could be done and once I set it up it did work perfectly. I was just hoping for a better way.

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