MySQL through ipsec tunnel

I have two Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 systems that are both on the same network:

HOST1 - Snort Sensor -
HOST2 - MySQL Database Server -

I need to make the Snort sensor write to the database via an ipsec tunnel.  I have the tunnel created using openswan using these instructions:

Now I am wondering how do I force all MySQL traffic through the tunnel?  Any help would be appreciated.
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Steven VonaAsked:
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You would use the are the IPs referenced on the 192.168.1.x the IP used in the IPSec tunnel or both locations use the same LAN segment?
Snort IPA for IPSec
Mysql DB server IPB for IPSec.

In your DB connection setting on the snort box you will use IPB and not the IP.

You however have to make sure when granting the snort user reference IPA as the host from which that user will be connecting.
Steven VonaAuthor Commented:
So the IP addresses in the conf files should not be their real IP addresses, but rather a new network I made up?
Are the two systems on the same segment and are accessible without a VPN?

If the two systems are at different locations that are using the same IP segments, IP overlay as part of the IPSec policy will be required.
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Steven VonaAuthor Commented:
No the systems are on the same network segment and CAN communicate without a VPN.
Then what is the purpose for the VPN?

Are you merely looking to encrypt the connection?

Mysql 5.1 and newer have the features to encrypt connections.
Steven VonaAuthor Commented:
Yes, I need to separate the traffic and they (management) want me to do it with ipsec tunnels.
The IPs in the VPN configuration will the current IPs of each /32 defining only IP1 to IP2 traffic to match the VPN pattern and only this traffic will flow through the VPN.  

If the concern deals with observance of data, using SSL encryption of the mysql connection might be an alternative.

The only adjustment to the instructions you would replace with
And with
Steven VonaAuthor Commented:
@arnold, why should I use and  Those are not the IP addresses of my machines.

Also, I have it set up as you are suggestion, but MySQL traffic is still using the default route and going around the ipsec tunnel.
Oops, I checked which IPs to use prior to starting to write the response,
you would use the and the

Since you want your snort box to access the mysql server, you should configure the openswan such that the client on the snort box initiate the connection.
Steven VonaAuthor Commented:
@arnold, we are back to square one.  The tunnel is up, but the MySQL data is still being send over the regular network and not the ipsec tunnel.
Check the IP xfrm policy to see whether it has the definition to route traffic between the two hosts via the tunnel.

During your configuration you might have missed the step that determines whether the data should enter the IPSec tunnel or not.

See the guide and double check every referenced configuration/setting.

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