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SBS2003 - Can't Get To External Website...

Client has SBS2003

They named internal (aka Windows) domain same as public ( contoso.org)

Website was hosted externally at a provider, at 69.x.x.x

They could get to the website from inside the network, no problem

They moved the website to a new provider 184.x.x.x now they can't get to the website from inside.

They did not tell the old provider they were moving so, it actually still goes the old website that is sitting on the old provider's server.

The website can be accessed by anyone outside of the network, it is resolving correctly.

I did not set this up.

Yes I do know better than to do it like this.

I have been up and down DNS 20x looking for the www or 69.x.x.x entry, and can't find it.

What am I missing?

Its not in a host file.
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1 Solution
Tried using nslookup to check what it resolves to?
The old address is not just cached and needing ipconfig / flushdns ran?
Also how is your DNS configured for resolving external addresses? Root hints or forwarded somewhere specific?
tech911Author Commented:
ipconfig /flushdns = No Joy

How can I tell if I am forwarded or root hint?

Can I be both?

There are forwarding entries and root hint entries.

DNSmgmt > DNSSERVER>Right Clk > Properties > Forwarding Tab, and Root Hints Tab.

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Re-reading your post that might not be the best place to start anyway.

Just to confirm;

Your internal domain is contoso.org and your website is www.contoso,org?
You are entering www.contoso.org into a browser and getting the "old" site?
What happens if you ping www.contoso.org? You see the 69.x.x.x address?
what output do you get from running nslookup in a command prompt then typing "www.contoso.org"? Does it say "non-authoratative answer"?
tech911Author Commented:
NSLookup does give me the the 69.x.x.x address with the Non-Authoritative answer
and the default server address that shows when you run nslookup is the DNS server you were looking on initially?

Its obviously resolving the old address somewhere, how long ago did they cutover to the new IP address?
Olaf De CeusterCommented:
Create a new DNS record:
1.Start DNS Manager by clicking Start, pointing to Programs, pointing to Administrative Tools, and then clicking DNS.
2.Expand your server branch, and then expand the Forward Lookup Zones branch.
3.Expand the DNS name zone.
4.On the Action menu, click New Host, and then type the name www (or other host name) in the New Host dialog box.
5.Type the IP address of the host. You can obtain this information by contacting your ISP, or by using the ping command from a computer that is not on your network. For example, you could ping www.mycompany.com from a computer on the Internet, and it should resolve with an IP address. You may want to confirm this address with your ISP. ISP-managed IP addresses are subject to change. If this happens, you will need to update the A record you created for "www" in your DNS zone.
Hope that helps,
tech911Author Commented:

Lets think about this a little more.

It is currently resolving to a host out on the internet... 69.x.x.x the problem is that is the wrong host.

What we are trying to figure out is where that 69.x.x.x record is on the server.

Its not anywhere in DNS...So where do we look, that is the question.

My thought was that maybe there is a redirect page in IIS, but I don't know where to look to find it, it is IIS 6 / SBS-2003

Your additional thoughts are welcome.
It wont be IIS as when you ping / nslookup "www.contoso.org" its resolving in DNS to the incorrect address. Olaf's solution should get you pointing to the correct place - im just not sure why you are resolving the old address with the current config.

What do the settings look like on the forwarders tab of the DNS server?
Set to forward to a specific IP address or two?
tech911Author Commented:
Their ISP is Cbeyond and its a T1, so the forwarders point to the Cbeyond DNS Servers.  Their are two IP addresses.
tech911Author Commented:
Olaf's solution is a no go... still resolving to old site.

That is what I thought would happen because I have tried that and tried creating a new zone with an alias, which also failed.

Your thoughts?
so if you go back to the command prompt, run nslookup and type

server <Cbeyond DNS server IP>

Open in new window

Does this return the old or new IP?
tech911Author Commented:
It is pointing to the old 69.x.x.x IP
Presumably it may also not have said "non-authoratitve"?

Looks like your server is forwarding the DNS query to the ISP's DNS server which is providing the incorrect / old address.

Depending on the TTL and time of change this still may be a timing / caching issue but if those are the servers to use you will need to give them a call i would think.
tech911Author Commented:
As it turns out, it was the CBeyond DNS server not updating.  I put the google DNS server as the primary and an earthlink DNS server as the secondary.

Now it works.

Thanks for the help.
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