Best CMS to develop a custom website builder site

Hey Guys,

I am going to develop a website builder from scratch in PHP. It will have all the features which a website builder having like Pages, Event Calendar, Photo Gallery, Video Player, Shopping Cart, Google Maps, Social Media Integration, Member-only areas, customization of themes, creation of sub-domain, template selection.

For this, I would like to use CMS of PHP. Can anyone please suggest a best CMS to achieve this?

Sangeeta AroraTechnical LeaderAsked:
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Scott Fell, EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Developer & EE ModeratorCommented:
That is similar to what wordpress is and if you look at the other links I gave you like squarespace, wix, weebly etc. those are more of a closed system and does all the things you describe.  

I don't think you can do any of this other than your front end in a cms.  I would suggest tackling all the moving parts individually.

- Creating a subdomain.  If you can do this on the command line, you can script this as well.  I would imagine you can dynamically generate an htaccess file as well.

- Modules like maps, calendar, shopping.   You can individually create any of this from scratch, then in your builder offer a way to include or not.   You may want to consider using 3rd party apps though like google for maps and calendar, there are plenty of shopping carts and if you want your own there is or hosted like woocommerce.  Any of these items you would have to create from scratch on the back end in order to make it easy for users on the front end.

I agree with Ray though.  This is a big project and the folks I have mentioned already have been doing this for some time and they are by no means perfect.   Study what they do carefully and decide if you can build the better mouse trap.  

Some tools you can use for integrating a lot of what you want to do or or

You will need to custom build your members area and ability to assign themes.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
"Best" CMS... You're looking to start a flame war? :)

The best CMS is usually the one you're comfortable with, the one you can bend and twist to do your bidding.

As for "popular" CMS, I'm partial to Wordpress. Joomla! is OK too, but a bit bloated for my taste.

Other experts' opinions will surely vary.

Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
>I am going to develop a website builder from scratch in PHP.
> I would like to use CMS of PHP

I think I am confused.  You want to build a website builder from scratch, but use a cms?  Isn't that what a website builder is?  It sounds like you are reinventing wordpress?  

Or are you just looking for a cms? will give you all the options and a lot of flexibility.  For ease of use, or

If you really mean you want a WYSIWYG to use in your web builder, then either or are both very good choices.  These are js libraries and not dependent directly on php. However, you have to post data to save, and that is where you php will come in.
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Sangeeta AroraTechnical LeaderAuthor Commented:
Hi Scott,
I apologize for any doubt you are having with my question.

Actually, my requirement is "I have to develop a site from scratch which will be website builder. It means when a user register into my site then a site will automatically be created for that user (means a domain entry and hosted) and pre-defined modules will be added for that user.  Further, the user can add more modules from the available modules we have given under my site. So, any user can sign into my site if they want to create a web-site. Then they will get the backend of that site as well as front end for that site." Hope it is clear now. I am not reinventing wordpress.

Now, my question is can I use any CMS to achieve this or do from scratch (means custom code like in PHP or Zend). If we can achieve the same through CMS, then what would be best to achieve the same?

Ray PaseurCommented:
If you make a Google search for the exact phrase build your own website you will get over a billion (with a B) hits.  So you may not be reinventing WordPress, but you're reinventing something!  A small fish about to swim into a crowded pond.  Personally,  I would look for a different way to spend my time and energy, but that's just me.  You might be able to learn some design patterns if you study the documents called out in the first three pages of Google results.
Sangeeta AroraTechnical LeaderAuthor Commented:
Thanks Scott for your solution.
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