if formula slight amendment

Hi Experts  excel 2007

Need to amend current formula
IF(B2="rrc","No timeout",IF(E2<>"",E2,IF(OR(A2="Closed",A2="Pack",B2="crc"),"time out","")))

To include additional step/criteria
So if e2 is "" empty and a2 close b2 pack then time...leave if e2 <>"", e2 step also need this too.
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Santosh GuptaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try below...
=IF(AND(E2="",A2="Close",B2="pack"),"timeout",IF(B2="rrc","No timeout",IF(E2<>"",E2,IF(OR(A2="Closed",A2="Pack",B2="crc"),"time out",""))))
route217Author Commented:

Just need to amend...so if a2 is anything other than closed or pack. ..then blank..so if I have apples in a2 treat a2 as a blank cell...
route217Author Commented:
Worked it out....Thanks appreciate the fantastic feedback...5 stars to experts here
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