Troubleshooting Folder Redirection GPO for 1 user on Windows Server 2008 R2

swapped out a workstation for a user.

Expected it to relatively smooth because of folder redirection GPO for all key user profile folders.

Folder redirection is not working in spite of multiple reboots, log-ons, log offs etc.

Tried gpupdate /force

Logged on as Administrator and Folder redirection works for that account.

Hooked up old station in another location and double-checked it, folder redirection appears fine for it...

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Norm DickinsonConnect With a Mentor GuruCommented:
User may have a profile corruption or other issue related to the local profile and domain profile. Do a good backup if any data resides on the new PC, then remove the profiles and log back in to allow the domain to recreate the profiles from scratch. That should solve the issue.
MJCSAuthor Commented:
Hey Norm,

remove profile from local computer or from domain?
Norm DickinsonGuruCommented:
Local computer. Both the local and domain profiles. Don't remove any profiles from the domain.
MJCSAuthor Commented:
Pointed me in the right direction. Profile is apparently corrupt.
James ThomasNetwork AdminCommented:
within the users redirected folder, make sure the users name is in there as the owner of the file because that can cause Folder Redirection not work as well, trust me I had to deal with that in that past.
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