Port with voice and data vlan

I have my port configure for voice vlan 100 ( and data vlan 200 ( A worker plugged his PC in with and he was able to access a device on network. I am not sure how this works.
I thought that when you configure a port with the specific vlan and if you don't know the vlan (or subnet of the vlan), you cannot access the port.
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Does subnet resides in vlan 200.

You can have multiple subnets reside within a vlan, but only one subnet can communicate outside the vlan.

Here the person added his host with ip, and he also connected other devices on the same vlan  the switchport is in with this subnet.  say another device is on  now communication will word just fine between and

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leblancAccountingAuthor Commented:
no. is supposed to be on vlan10 and I did not configure the port to vlan10 yet. Is this strange? In my network, I try to have one subnet per vlan
You mean the host in vlan 200 is communicating with the same subnet in vlan 10. Could it be that the person actually is communicating with another host he put in vlan 200.
Elso it could be that there are misconfigurations in your switch. Make sure the link between the switch is trunk and not access.
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leblancAccountingAuthor Commented:
ok so this is what really happened, his PC has connected to port 1 (configured for vlan 200) and his server ( connected to port 2 (configured for vlan 200 as well). His PC then can communicate with his server. Not sure how this works.
Thats what i thought. Vlan is a layer2 technology.

You can have any number of layer3 subnets within a vlan. But you can only have one ip address configured for the vlan interface. That specific subnet within the vlan can communicate outside of the vlan

Here host and the server in subnet are residing in vlan200, communication within the vlan is allowed and they can communicate between them. But when these devices tries to communicate outside of vlan 200, its dropped. Because these hosts doesnt know how to reach vlan interface ip which is the default gateway and thats a different subnet
leblancAccountingAuthor Commented:
"You can have any number of layer3 subnets within a vlan". This is key for me to understand here. Thank you
So when tries to communicate with for example, it will be dropped because vlan200 is assigned to Correct?
You got it exactly, correct.

Please post here if you have any other confusions.
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