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HP P410 Controller failed drive bay?

We have an HP ml350 g6 with the p410i controller.  4 500GB 7200 HP SAS drives in RAID5 model mm0500famyt.  

One of the drives gave the eminent failure warning so we ordered a replacement.  swapped out the drive with a new drive and the status changed to failed drive.  We returned the drive and ordered a new drive, same thing.  I cannot believe both drives are bad but I must get the array back into a redundant state.  

There are not many options in the array configuration GUI and I am not overly familiar with the controller's BIOS setup menus other than the initial configuration.  I am working on getting ILO configured as I am remote and ILO was never setup but has anyone run into this issue before or can otherwise suggest some possible solutions?

Here is the original warning from the array config utility:
Predictive Failure
Drive Configuration Type Data
Size 500.1 GB
Drive Type SAS
Model HP MM0500FAMYT  
Serial Number 9SP1AG970000C024AF0P
Firmware Version HPD2
Rotational Speed 7.2K
PHY Count 2
Transfer Speed PHY 1: 6.0GBPS, PHY 2: Unknown
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1 Solution
andyalderSaggar makers bottom knockerCommented:
Easiest way to check if the disk bay is working is to put one of the replacement disks in one of the other slots, you do have 8 slots and only 4 populated by the sounds of it. Please confirm whether you fitted the replacements hot with the machine runnng or not, you should always change ProLiant disks hot if possible so the controller ignores any metadata left behind on 2nd-hand disks.
YMartinAuthor Commented:
I connected the original drive into slot 5.  The amber light was blinking.  I ran the diag in ACU and slot 5 was not listed anywhere leading me to believe that only 4 bays are support by the controller.  

The 2nd replacement drive I was sent is a SATA drive which also shows as bad when connected.  I ordered a SAS drive so will have to return it however SATA drives are supported by the controller and this is the 3rd drive it is reporting as bad.  

I have attached the report from ACU.  I ran the insight diagnostics on the system and it only reported the drive as bad, not the controller.  It lists 3 of the 4 drives under storage for the system survey and lists this for the diagnosis:

Offline Physical Hard Drive, Serial Number: Not applicable, Controller Serial Number: 50014380079AD3B0

Error:      640001:      Controller has reported a SMART error on this drive
Warning:      Drive does not support a DST log on this configuration
Warning:      The warranty period for this hard drive may have expired, or may be about to expire. To verify the warranty status of the hard drive, contact the nearest HP support provider (http://www.hp.com/support).

Accumulated power-on time for this hard drive: 44.2 months
This drive has experienced/recorded error conditions reported by diagnosis and requires replacement.  

I got the ILO working so could get into the BIOS.  Please let me know if you have any advice.  Thanks.
andyalderSaggar makers bottom knockerCommented:
Controller has two 4-lane connectors, 2x4=8 but you'll have to take the lid off to confirm both cables are connected.

You can't replace a SAS with a SATA or vice versa, all disks in the array have to be the same interface technology. You can replace with higher capacity and different speed normally.

Not going to read the report tonight, they take some time to interpret and it's time for bed.
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YMartinAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  At this point I need to wait for the 3rd replacement drive to arrive in hopes that it will be both the correct model and a working drive.

I confirmed that the SATA comes up correctly on Bay 6 so the cables are connected and the drive is good.  The same SATA shows up as failed on bay 4 which was recently vacated by the failing drive however that bay is assigned to the array so it may be having an issue with it being SATA vs. SAS

The failing drive also shows as failed on bay 5 where before it said eminent failure.  The SAS replacement also showed up as bad however we did not test it on any bay aside from bay 4 which now turns out to have been a mistake.  We have another SAS drive on order and hope to have it early next week.  

I am planning that if there is a problem with the drive in bay 4 that I can add the new drive on bay 5 and add it to the array and thus get it to rebuild that way.
andyalderSaggar makers bottom knockerCommented:
I'm afraid that your workaround of using a different bay for the replacement doesn't work with Smart Array controllers, you can't even put it in bay 5 and then add it as a hot spare, Replacement has to go in the same bay as before which can be rather annoying if you have to replace the backplane even though you have other good unused slots.
YMartinAuthor Commented:
Delightful.  I guess swapping the 2 planes would be an option assuming the plane is defective.  Otherwise backup and restore onto a new array.  I'm hoping the original drive really was bad but we shall see.
YMartinAuthor Commented:
Testing with the 5th bay confirmed the SATA drive was good.  Received the 3rd HD (SAS) and it was assimilated into the collective without issue.  Thank you for the help.

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