How to restore emails into ClearOS

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Some of our e-mails have been removed and i need to recover them. I need to take an old backup and restore it into ClearOS. Specifically i need to restore the e-mails that are missing. How do i do this?
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What version of ClearOS?

I don't believe the backup in ClearOS save user data, logs or mail files.


Enterprise version 5.2 ClearOS.
Back up does not contain the mail files unless the version has changed.

Do you have a test machine to test the back up?
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I have checked the ClearOS forum for e-mail backups, but found nothing. I am new to ClearOS. Can you confirm if the backup contains the mail files?
I do not have ClearOS in my lab but I have worked in clearOS in the past, it did not contain mail files.

I would recommend checking with ClearOS for confirmation.
Did you look into this documentation: "Restoring emails"

reconstruct -r user:<username>

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The command 'reconstruct -r user.john' runs ok but it takes less than a second to execute so I'm not sure if it's completed ok.
Reconstruct rebuilds inboxes by reading the configuration from imapd.conf, the user is trying to recover deleted emails.


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Backup in ClearOS does not save user data, logs or mail files.

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