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Recently got a E100 fibre internet connection. When testing with a laptop plugged into isp router, we receive 100mb up & 100 down. When connecting a sonicwall nsa 240 to the isp's router via sonicwall wan port which is set to 100mb full duplex, clients on the network will receive 100mb down but no more than 35mb up. I have tried auto negotiate but results are worse. Any ideas?
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Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor Technology ConsultantCommented:
Disable all content filtering, gav, and any additional security things. Also disable bandwidth monitoring and don't have the connection speed set on the interfaces page.
Do you have application inspection, etc., enabled on the firewall?
If "everything" is enabled, try disabling some features to see if speed improves.

Still, I assume you also have an Ethernet switch involved, or?
Remove the switch, and try with a single client directly connected to the firewall.
Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
Check if you have a duplex problem ... if the switch, firewall and internet uplink have problems with auto negotiation, you may end up with 100 half duplex, which will pretty much mess up your performance ...
yohayonAuthor Commented:
Disabling IPS & anti spyware services was the major breakthru. Thx
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