Software make photos,videos available online

Dear EE experts,

Is there a way (software, anything) with windows 8.1, to make my photos,videos (folders inside my harddrive) available online.
I need to make them available only to one or two persons, and show them as gallery of photos and videos so they can be viewed in proper way.

I know there are lots of clouds available and everything, but i have tons of gigabytes of family photos and video (i save them in backblaze for backup, but doesn't show them as gallery, it's only a fair backup service).

I also know how to make a webserver in php in my computer and then try to show the photos and movies in a webpage, but that's alot of work and i also have to by a router to redirect the port 80..

Thx in advanced you for your time,
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Plex and XBMC are both great in different ways.
justaphase give us a picture of your audience?
You say they are not computer savvy
(specially because the persons that are going to watch the photos and videos don't know much about computers).
So where are they?
Do you want them to sitting in front of a big TV with a remote control playing your 100 and 100 of gigs of photos and videos
Is this at home on a TV? where? who? computer??
What is the format of your videos?
Is a media TV out of the question?
run XBMC at home from a central HTPC/server attached NAS
Well as I said where to start>
This is quite a big subject. For your consideration..
The Complete Guide To Creating A Seamless, Play-Everything Media Centre
Learn building your own HTPC
Noontec Gigalink N5 NAS Review
How-To Install XBMC to your Windows Computer and Configure It with the XBMC HUB Wizard Addon

I have a Rsapberry Pi.
Raspberry Pi Media Centre and Streamer, wireless, XBMC network player
XBMC windows Media Center
Browse youtube

If you have a modern TV with an inbuilt media player you can just plug in an external HDD media box the menue is same as Raspberry Pi XBMC
But only accepts Divx Avi

I could post more but thats a base.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
I use Dropbox for this.

Get a Samsung Galaxy and you get 50GB of storage, then sharing photos/videos to a few people is a breeze.

One solution is to set up Remote Access, which allows another person access  to your computer's desktop and resources from their computer via the internet.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I agree with Dropbox - that works fine. It can be used from computer or iPhone. You can always use a closed Facebook group. That works fine as well. It can be used from computer or iPhone.

You probably do not want to store vast Gigabytes of photos in an online viewing spot anyway. Sort out what you do want made available and then use the ready made sources.
Actually if you have setup your Windows 8.1 the standard way with an m$ account, then you have already got an m$ OneDrive subscription. This subscription gets you 7GB space for free, and if you need more you can buy more. The user account of your PC is automatically synchronized with that drive, which means if your data is within your user account also that is probably already there. OneDrive allows you to share data with others. This is better than installing your own webserver, which would always have to be online when others need access.
One Drive justaphase, recently had a name change from Skydrive to One Drive from Microsoft.
Upload off your windows and it includes an inbuilt player.
Upload on to One Drive
Upload on to One DriveInvite/share the images/ videos to either of your friends and family
invite people to this videoand they will receive a URL in their email like this
email shared linkand clicking on that opens to a beautiful player
Example of a video sent to me from Switzerland back when it was called Skydrive last year
playing Skydrive-onedrive
Ah Rindi your post was not there when I started writing my post.
Great Minds ;)
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
if you require more space than offered by the other free services, then consider opening a Yahoo! account and get ONE free terabyte of online space:

You can decide with whom you want to share. Ideally, share with no one by default, then share 'sets' with those you choose.
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
I should have told you guys...sorry
When i said "I know there are lots of clouds available and everything, but i have tons of gigabytes of family photos and video" i should have explain better..
I had Skydrive last year with premium account and... SUCKS. That's my experience to you guys :) ... Sync is horrible. Slow and problematic.

Now i have 100 Gbs of dropbox and is amazing. Dropbox rules! I use it for the files i need for me everyday.

But that's not what i want guys.. it's impossible to have the amount of Gigabytes that i want to share in a paid sync folder (that's what dropbox and onedrivre is)

I have more than 300 Gigabytes of videos (some are big files) and more than 200 Gigabytes of photos..

What why i need is my computer to be the "server" in a way.

But not by remote desktop, that's not an option, i don't want my computer to be managed by others or be unavailable for me (specially because the persons that are going to watch the photos and videos don't know much about computers)... i need a software or a tool to behave as a media server, something like that...  maybe... XBMC?
Going to see about it..
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
I found Plex!

Any better suggestion? :)
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
My impression is that you set up a server in your home - here is a short article you can use as a starting point: It’s Time for You to Take the Cloud Back From Corporations. Apparently, it is not that difficult and you can control who has access and what they can access.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would in that case just get a NAS. Most of them have what you need already built-in, and still they use less power than a PC which you would always have to keep running. The better ones are made by synaology, but also HD manufacturers like WD or Seagate have simple consumer NAS available.
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
The people that are going to see my content are my in-laws. And they are in there place at home with a windows tablet from Asus connecting my home and watching photos and videos from their grandchildren, my daughters.. lol

Explained? :)
As I already mentioned, get a NAS.
Wonderful ;)  
I take it you don't live there so you're looking for away to give them access to your stuff from their windows tablet?. windows 7 or windows 8?>> and onto the ( internet storage)
And that Tablet if possible could stream to their home TV?
It all makes more sense now.
No remote preferred.
Will you be there to set it up?
Now is the tricky part
How to get your stuff off the internet then to their Windows Tablet.

Well straight off the top of my head, I like it simple for sure.
They could connect their Tablet to the TV, or an external display
In order to connect the Tablet PC to an external TV or monitor, you will need a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable. zExample
Once you have aquired the correct cable, follow the steps below:
Connect The External Display
Plug the Micro HDMI plug into the Micro HDMI port on the Tablet PC.
Plug the HDMI plug into the HDMI port on the TV or monitor.
 but what type of TV do they have?
How To Connect Your Tablet PC To A TV Or External Monitor (Windows 7)
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
If you get a Synology NAS, you can use Photo station for this. The initial thumbnail creation will take a LOT (I would not be surprised if it took over a week for 300GB of photos), but after that works OK for home use.

justaphaseAuthor Commented:
They're not going to connect the tablet to the TV, it's a Asus vivo smart, i don't think it does the job well connecting to the TV. Viewing from the tablet is fine for them.
And they have windows 8.1 on the tablet.

rindi and Dan, does the Synology NAS behaves as Media Center for the Web? Can my in-laws connect to the NAS from the web?

Also my videos are from a Canon webcam with mts extension, some players don't play them very well :\
Synology NAS, if the function isn't already included in the deafult build (which is likely though) uses additional modules you can download and install that include additional functionality (besides the official synology modules there are also 3rd party ones). So one of the advantages of those NAS is that you can set it up to fulfill almost any task you need, including media center and streaming capabilities.
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
Plex was the solution!
The only problem is the windows metro app, needs to get the same options as iOS and Android have.
Besides that it's really amazing!

Thx guys
Well Done justaphase, it's just getting so daunting these to know what to offer. is still fairly new and ever evolving like everything else trying to keep up with what folks want.
To get around the pay per view DRM and many other stumbling blocks.
If this will work for you good luck to you and your family will be thrilled.
This should also solve your storage problems.
Thank you and all the best
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
Thx Merete,

Stay well
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