Exchange 2010 Automatic Failover on Send Connectors

Hi All,

We have a 2 node DAG/CAS setup that uses loadbalancers for client access.  We did a test shutdown of our primary site the other day and everything went well apart from the outbound SMTP.

What I did was setup 2 send connectors, connector A and connector B.  These 2 send connectors both go to our smarthost at Messagelabs.  Connector A has a cost of 1 and is assigned to server A.  Connector B has a cost of 100 and is assigned to server B.  My thinking was that should server A fail it will automatically failover to connector B.  Unfortunately it seems that Exchange has no way of doing this.  Obviously if I manually disable connector A it all starts working on connector B.  So how do I achieve automatic failover on SMTP outbound?  Surely people don't all do this manually?

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Just to echo above - Exchange is AD site aware, that is why you have no control. It is expecting you to have your AD sites and services configured correctly.

If you have servers in two different locations then you really should have then in two different AD sites. Exchange will treat the servers as being equal otherwise. That could mean you have a user sending an email to someone sat next to them which is routed via the server in the second site. You could also have Autodiscover traffic going to the second location as well as authentication traffic. If you reboot a domain controller you could find that your Exchange server starts using a remote DC instead.

Delete send connector B, leave only one. Add for it as source server both of your servers: server A and B.
When site A is down and no connection between site A and B, after failover, messages should be routed by server B to your smart host server.
Of course internet connection should be available on site B.
robclarke41Author Commented:
But I want all mail to go through server A not server B (unless server A fails).  I did look into this method and I couldn't see a way of specifying the order in which they were used?
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As I understand Site B is let's say passive, therefore no traffic should go thought it or you have users on it with mailboxes? If site B is used only for DR failover, no traffic should go to it while all users are in site A.
robclarke41Author Commented:
Sorry I should say that my sites are only divided geographically, not by AD or subnet.
Well in this case if are the same site in AD, you can't do nothing. Just keep 2 send connectors for each "site" with proper hub servers inside and in case of failover activate the second one.
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