Upgrading RAM

Over the weekend I tried to replace a RAM card that I had broken. I went to Tiger Direct to buy a new one. Instead of matching the Kingston 2GB card I still had in my laptop, they gave a a 4GB Kingston card, for a total of 6 GB of RAM. After I installed it, the screen would not come on. Is there anything I need to do in the BIOS to get this to work? Is it a mismatch of gigs that is causing the problem?
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JobiasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then the RAM is no good, and i think there is'nt anything you can do about it.
Does the laptop works when you only use the 4 gb RAM card?
nawright16Author Commented:
no, it only works when I use the 2 gb card
nawright16Author Commented:
k thanks
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