Projector, screen and blu-ray player

Looking for suggestions for:
Full HD 3D projector (full 1080 none of this HD ready rubbish)
Good quality 100inch screen
3D Blu-Ray player

Got about 1500 Euro (doesn't mean I have to spend it all) so what would you suggest, had been looking at the Optoma
LVL 58
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Hi Gary, personally all that 3D hype is just not that exciting to me.
Too much 3D HD is nauseous makes me dizzy lol.
I also cant offer you Euros i'm in Australia
but 1,500 euro=2230.01 Australian Dollars
Projectors as you may know come in a variety of styles.
Enormous choices.
And can range to very expensive, so what is the right choice, and that again depends on your eyes ears and the type of room you will use it for the acoustics.
It really is an individual journey.
Before your purchase any particular type or model of the digital projector, you must decide the purpose of buying it or it use.
Then you must consider the size of the room where the projector needs to be used,
the distance between the audience and the projector screen, and also the screen size.
 If the room is big, buy a projector with large projection size.
It must guarantee proper illumination or brightness inside the room so that the presentation is easily and clearly viewed by everyone present inside the room.
The density of pixels or image resolution needs to be taken into consideration too.
 For High definition TV viewing, a projector with pixel strength 1920 x 1080 is ideal.

Some Home theatre projectors include internet access for the live sports.
To choose something like this you really should stand in front of the projector and see it in action. HAve someone there to give you the run down like I am now.
Ask things about enviroment factors.
You can buy a projector then you may need speakers placement. Curtains glass windows sliding door carpet floors. Neighbours?
However, there are specific types of movie projector resolutions that work best in particular situations and environments.
This makes the right resolution a very important aspect to consider when looking to purchase a projector.
By understanding the unique terminology that comes with movie projectors, knowing the different types of resolutions, and realizing which situations they work best in, one can be sure to purchase a movie projector that is perfect for his or her needs
I suggest you start off with this
Introduction to Home Theater Projectors, should help point you to the next step.

My recomendation ( Australian)
The BENQ W1070 is the very best DLP. Full HD 1080 3D ready

BenQ W1070 / W1250 3D DLP Projector Quick Review Youtube
Ebay prices

Sony 4K Blu-ray player
Regards Merete
Jackie ManCommented:

What will you do with the 3D projector?

Just play 3D bluray disc or also the online entertainment?

Your preference on usage will be the determining factor for your purchase decision. A case is shown below regarding how the consumed media will affect the experience of using a 3D projector.

Or, you just like the feel of sitting in a mini 3D or 4D theater like the cinema, but do not need to travel to the cinema?
GaryAuthor Commented:
I'm not interested in discussion of about 3d home cinema, I'm asking for people's recommendations.
I have already trawled through forums.
If your not interested in the discussion side of buying such a piece of entertainment then you cant be serious about getting the best and most suitable.
No one can really advise you on whats best for you.
And I gave it at the bottom of my comment the BenQ.. But because I care I cant just say buy this a lot of money is at stake.
It's so unprofessional.
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