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TimeSlips 2011 getting BDE Settings error

We have an SBS2008 server that hold the Timeslips 2011 database
We have a 10 user license on 10 Windows workstations

This is what I've documented

Timeslips 2011 error
Referencing: The BDE settings for this computer do not meet the requirements for working with Timeslips.  This can cause Timeslips to respond slowly or can result in other errors.  Timeslips can automatically update these settings for you.  Do you want to update your BDE settings now?
- Researched and found these possible results

- One of the possible fixes - . Unless your client is making active use of the Enhanced Navigator and Timeslips Today, go to Setup/preferences/Navigator tab and revert each workstation to the classic navigator.

 - Make sure that when you try to run Timeslips that you have checked the option under the icon's properties to "run as administrator."

- go into Station Administrator and clicked on Options, Diagnose this Computer.  It said that I had BDE problem and it told me to reinstall the BDE

- Steps To Delete Timeslips Locking Files     Question   How can I delete Timeslips locking files?     Answer  

1.      All Timeslips users must close out of Timeslips.
2.      Go to Start; Find\Search for files and folders.
3.      If this is a network, search the network drive where Timeslips resides, otherwise select the C: drive
4.      Search for the following files and delete them.

5.      Retry the process.
6.      If the error persists reboot the workstation having the issue.
7.      Retry the process.
8.      If the error continues to persist it is necessary to reboot the server where Timeslips resides.

- we were able to see one of the .lck files on the server and deleted it.
This time the PC's Time Slips 2011 opened but its intermittent

Looking for any additional helpful information
Andreas Gieryic
Andreas Gieryic
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
BDE is the Borland Database Engine
> it's been deprecated for over 10 years now

by default the BDE is installed in "c:\program files\borland\bde"
the bde sometimes writes to this folder.

because of uac this causes problems
the background job forces the user to give an acknowledgment to run as admin
but the foreground user never sees any window to click on

installing the bde to a different folder (non uac controlled) should fix it

> or asking the vendor for a newer which doesn't use BDE anymore
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
this problem is caused by not having the same config on each workstation, they have to be mapped to the database exactly the same.

open Station  Administrator / Options / Change Install Path and Clear Database Path

these need to have the same path and my understanding is the mapped drive is better than UNC. For example map S: drive to TimeSlips and make sure the Install Path and Database Path use S:\TSFolder\MAIN.DB not \\Servername\Folder\ TSFolder...

Do this for all workstations and you won't have the error again.
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
I've supported TS for 7 years and feel your pain...lol, they've come a long way but what you described can be a nightmare. On 2014 they have an auto config feature which helps with this...to some degree.

If you want to verify everyone is out of TS and not have to restart the server go to Start / Administrative Tools / Share and Storage Management / Manage Open Files / to close any workstations that have access to MAIN.DB.

The real problem is even though users close TS the tsbackup agent stays running which locks the license file and why you see the errors above. Users think they're out but TS thinks they're logged in.
Andreas GieryicComputer Networking, OwnerAuthor Commented:
WORKS2011 - you're correct. it appears users do log out but TS thinks its still open. Hence we tried to delete a .lck file and it stated that we had to get permission from one of the users. I went to that users workstation, opened/closed TS again and the .lck file disappeared in the database folder

I will check again and make sure that all users are mapped identically. I'm 99% sure they are but will check again.

We are thinking about upgrading to 2014. Problem is, every version seems to have their own set of issues. The only reason we upgrade is for support. The client was totally happy with version 2006. He doesn't need or care about any new features. I believe we upgraded to version 2011 because it supported Windows 7.

Anyway, I'll check everything and get back to you with results
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
I wouldn't pay for support for two reasons, they just read off the knowledgebase and second it's around $800. Why not pay for an individual one time fee of $100 for each support call (if needed). You have 8 calls and if you don't need to call you're saving money. This is how I do it.

What I explained above will repair 99% of TS issues, it's an unstable database but if you follow the rules outlined above far more stable.

Don't forget too you can go into Station Administrator / Diagnose This Computer / (see screen shot)TS diagnostice
As well EE can continue to help out if needed.
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