MS Excel file comparison

I searched the internet and looked at Excel, yet could not find how I would be able to compare two Excel files.
The way I did this the last time, was to convert the excel file to a word/text file, then I was able to use Word to compare the two.  I am searching for a direct way, comparing excel file to excel file.  Maybe there are other ways?
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This really depends on your objective. Do you want to compare excel files for differences or do you want to compare data?

If it is the latter you can have a third sheet looking at 2 sheets and run a formula across the sheet such as

This will return a "1" when the data is the same and a "0" if it isn't. You can then have conditional format to highlight any 0 in red and locate differences.
chimaAuthor Commented:
captain, I see how the formula would work.  I think each Excel file will be different and it would take a lot of effort to create the formulas for each cell.  I'll keep this in mind.

slightwv, I do not agree you removing it from the Oracle zone.  An Expert there might have had knowledge or an idea to share with me.  And if there weren't anyone, then no one would have responded.
If you work on an empty 3rd sheet you simply copy the formula across all cells by dragging it. Of course this depends on the layout of the sheets that you compare being equal and just data being different.

You can ignore the 1s which will also appear on empty cells anyway and the 0s will highlight quickly any differences.

If the layout of your files is different then you have no way of comparing automatically without writing special formulas conditional to each.
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chimaAuthor Commented:
captain, allow me time to look at what you wrote and I will get back to you.  thanks
No problem, if you have a sample file with dummy data please share.

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