Install a Linux on pc

Hello Experts,

This is been a long unsolved question in my mind, I want to replicate a installation like Ubuntu or Fedora with my Linux from scratch7.4

I have the tar which holds nesscary file to boot up a system.

But the real problem is i want to push the tar file into another system via CD or USB and make that new pc to boot it from LFS7.4.

How to accomplish this.

Puspharaj SelvarajSr.System engineerAsked:
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Hello Puspharaj
If i understood correctly  , the term is remastering an installation .
There is a guide in  .
I hope it suit your needs.
Obviously a PC will not boot TAR file. You need some bootable image like for PXE or CD that can partition the disk and untar files.
I's suggest better pre-configured gentoo instead of breaking you neck with linux from scratch.
Puspharaj SelvarajSr.System engineerAuthor Commented:
Pre-configured gentoo is not an option for me, i want to stick with my LFS 7.4, Is there any way?
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You can partition disk from gentoo CD and untar your distribution
Or you need to create bootable CD yourself.
Puspharaj SelvarajSr.System engineerAuthor Commented:
any tutorial please
HMM... Gentoo linux install guide?
Puspharaj SelvarajSr.System engineerAuthor Commented:
Let me make more sensible view here,

I have atom pc with new hard disk on it. On the other hand i have LFS 7.4.

I want to push the LFS into the new hard disk, this is simple one, but i need to make the partition remotely when i insert the USB into the Atom motherboard.

It's almost like an install from USB.

I read the preseed config, but i doubt that it will work for me.

Please shed some light on this.

Note: I have to stick with LFS, no more other flavors.
So your USB must be bootable i.e have grub, kernel, initrd and some ext filesystem with tar and mkfs.ext4
Puspharaj SelvarajSr.System engineerAuthor Commented:
Yes gheist,

That's what i tried for but it's seems hard for me to get it done
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
What does your TAR file contain? Can you attach a list of files that are in it? You can use 'tar tvf tarfile > tarfilelist.txt' to create the list.

You have a bootable USB drive with LFS7.4, correct? How did you create that? Any guide you followed to create it? Post a link if you have one.

>> That's what i tried...
What have you tried exactly, can you show output of commands you gave showing error messages, where to things go wrong?
Puspharaj SelvarajSr.System engineerAuthor Commented:
lfs7.4.tar contains this :

total 80
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Feb  3 14:20 bin
drwx------.  3 mtkt mtkt 4096 Feb  4 15:59 boot
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Jan 30 21:44 dev
drwx------. 12 mtkt mtkt 4096 Feb  4 10:20 etc
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Jan 30 21:44 home
drwx------.  6 mtkt mtkt 8192 Feb  3 14:58 lib
drwx------.  4 mtkt mtkt 4096 Jan 30 21:44 media
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Jan 30 21:44 mnt
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Jan 30 21:44 opt
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Jan 30 21:44 proc
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Feb  3 14:26 root
drwx------.  4 mtkt mtkt 4096 Feb  3 15:18 run
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Feb  3 14:40 sbin
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Jan 30 21:44 srv
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Jan 30 21:44 sys
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Feb  3 15:16 tmp
drwx------.  2 mtkt mtkt 4096 Apr  3 15:30 TrueDelete
drwx------.  9 mtkt mtkt 4096 Jan 30 21:44 usr
drwx------. 11 mtkt mtkt 4096 Jan 31 09:01 var

I treid unetbootin and compressed all the above to an iso named content and installed the grub to USB.

When i select the USB as the first boot source it's just hangs on the boot window.
i have to hard reset the motherboard.

So what are the steps to push the files to new harddisk to make it like a standalone system.

Please  give me some links to create initramfs and initrd. Let me check first from booting through USB.

As well as kickstart installation from USB

Puspharaj SelvarajSr.System engineerAuthor Commented:
Hello Experts,

Please post your suggestion here.

I want to break this one to like this.

Make a boot able USB

LFS7.4 contains all the necessary files.

*How to format a USB so that it can detect from the device menu selection.

*Format a partition and set the boot flag using fdisk.

*How to create initramfs

Please suggest me this is the necessary things i have to do?

* A bootable partition of any filesystem should suffice for BIOS
* no, mkfs creates filesystem once partition is set bootable
* mkinitrd or dracut or cpio

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