Max length of a csv line


   I am exporting data from a MS SQL 2008 into a csv using SSIS that selects all rows of a view. I noticed that the count(*) of the view didnt match the csv. Its likely because there is a max length for a line and thats being exceeded by certain rows which is forcing a newline and a separate additional row.

Could you tell me what the max length of a row is and how to fix this issue?
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nutschConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you sure there are no line feeds in your data?
LuckyLucksAuthor Commented:
Its a select * from the there shouldn't be a linefeed. How can I verify this?
Something like this:

SELECT * FROM some_table
WHERE CONTAINS(some_field, char(13)) OR CONTAINS(some_field, char(10))
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
How many rows in the VIEW and how many rows in the CSV?
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