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I am a total newbie to PowerPoint and have to do a big project, wondered if there is a function that would read a text that you link to it. Like in the attached file I have 1 slide I would like to Display the Title and once it Is displayed to have a 'voice' just read the paragraph that is under it. (Do not want to show the paragraph but simply have it read) same as your voice that guide you on the GPS in your car (first left then 500m turn right etc...) something like on your IPhone when you turn on the option Speak Auto Text in the
Accessibility Menu by clicking Speak on any text it will read it to you.

The text is on the second slide that start with The Best on ...

Is this possible in PowerPoint ?
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dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Which can be done in PowerPoint to some extent.



The above links show how to put buttons on that when clicked on speak text.

Look at http://fullmeasure.co.uk/powertalk/  This software is supposed to automatically play text.  (Note:  I have not tested or evaluated this software)
Echo_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would look into Dragon Speak. It has a text-to-speech component that should do what you want. (At least the Premium version does -- not sure about the other versions. http://www.nuance.com/for-individuals/by-product/dragon-for-pc/index.htm )

You may have to reorder things on the slide occasionally so it reads properly / in the correct sequence, but you can do that easily in the Selection and Visibility Pane. (Access that from the Home tab, editing group, Select (down arrow), Selection Pane. Use the Reorder buttons there to move things up or down in the order.)
gowflowAuthor Commented:
TKs your post Echo_S, do you mean to say: No with powerpoint you can't do what I am requesting ?
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Yes, I meant to say you cannot do this with PowerPoint. You need screen reading software of some sort.
gowflowAuthor Commented:
Yes dbrunton, well done in your link for  the Speak in Microsoft. Now any idea how we can automate this to have it like transition or animation ... have it read a certain text when the title say shows up ?

Have a look at the Powertalk link I gave above or http://fullmeasure.co.uk/powertalk/

For a demo of Powertalk see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwp1kZgYccc
gowflowAuthor Commented:
Excellent help tks both for sure you nailed it dbrunton.
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