Moving Program files from internal HDD to internal SSD

Looking for the best way to move program files from an internal HDD to an internal SSD on a: Windows 8.1 Pro; 64bit; 16GB; i7 4th gen; and, dual monitor machine.
The Samsung 840 Pro 250GB SSD is up and running with the OS on-board along with a few  programs. I've looked at PCMover as an option but in research find that given the 'structure' of SSD's this may not be the best option.
My goal is to have most of my program files on the SSD and the data files on the 2TB HDD.
The difference in speed between bootup with the HDD and the SSD is palpable which is what I was expecting. Even with the latest processing power of Intel - or at least the latest when I purchased it earlier this year.

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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i assume your old OS was installed on the 2 TB drive?
what i would do, is simply copy the data to another drive - and delete it from the 2 TB
then image the 2 TB drive, and move it to the SSD; this will taker your OS + programs over to the SSD
now copy back your Data to the 2TB

a good utility for this is the migrate OS to SSD

***you can use any free soft for imaging too; but this one will align your OS to the SSD for best results
Why not simply reinstall the apps you use to the SSD?

If you are now booting to the SSD as the system disk, you can simply do an install of the software you use there as well!

Unless you have a tremendous volume of installed software, the time to install a few applications on that fast a machine should be minimal.
CGJungAuthor Commented:
You identified the issue - there is a lot of installed software. If it were only a few apps your suggestion is applicable. Thanks for the response.

This is the reason I looked at using PCMover (or similar program) but there appear to be issues with moving from the HDD to the SSD related to moving fragmented files. Given the structure of each this concern raised a flag. Which is why I am checking in with the experts on the best way to move all the programs without having to reinstall each and go through the configuration process as well while maintaining the integrity of each program.
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CGJungAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reminder about Paragon Software and for your suggestions.
I already did a clean install of the OS on the SSD along with a couple of other programs so the imaging strategy will not work - and would not have anyway because of other issues.

The reason for a clean install of Win 8.1 Pro is this HP box I specially ordered (or tried to) came with the HP proprietary version of Win 8 already installed. I did not order it with the SSD as HP could not accommodate a specific brand or model (the Samsung 840). There is a back story to this escapade with HP but for another time.

Now that the SSD is operating my goal is to move most of the rest of the software to it (the big exception is Diskeeper) while keeping the HDD for data storage (video, photos, recordings, documents, etc.). My preference is to move the software while retaining all the settings. For example, Outlook with some special add-ons that take a while to set up.

I will research Paragon further to see if it will do the job at hand.
why do you need diskeeper? win7 and later do a good jab
So you say, c: is on the ssd and only some programs are remaining on the hdd? Then create an image of that partition and replay it to your ssd (and modify the drive letters) and you're done.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaSenior IT TechnicianCommented:
Why not transfer your licences over to the new machine?

Get Berlac or an equivalent to retrieve the keys and re-activate them on the new SSD.
CGJungAuthor Commented:
Berlac is a great program. Already using it.

No, all the programs with a handful of exceptions, remain on the HDD.

Not a matter of re-activating the the programs as the keys and security info are already contained in RoboForm and LastPass.

Looks like Paragon will do the job. Thanks, Nobus.

BTW, Diskeeper is a program I've had for years. Was an early beta tester which gave me a perpetual license. Might be time to retire the program. Besides, not good to use such with an SSD.
CGJungAuthor Commented:
Primarily a good reminder about a program I forgot about that should work well for the task at hand.
enjoy !
One question, did I understand it wrong, wasn't c: on the ssd and only some programs were remaining on the hdd?
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