What is the usage of this service SERVICE(S):> 'NETWORK CONNECTIONS', not running!?? Is this important?

What is the usage of the below service? Is it important? What could happen if it's not running? When it should be running?


Kind regards
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Christopher Jay WolffConnect With a Mentor Wiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
and here is a pretty good description of the service...

although it may have grown since this older article.

Used for all your network connection stuff, as described in article, and it's critical for that, and if not running, then you won't get on a network.  You should have it running all the time, unless you decide you never want a particular computer to be on a network.

Hope that helps.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Here is a screen grab of description of the service.  You probably already have this but I'm just throwing it in in case you haven't seen it.
View properties of Network Connection service, my windows version 8.1 RT
and here is a procedure that is supposed to fix it from Microsoft...

Do you want more information than this, or is this what you're looking for
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acunaaraAuthor Commented:
How is sfc related to networking connection service?
it could be that your problem is caused by corrupt or missing OS files
you never know before trying...
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
The link I posted above should help explain how SFC will repair/replace system files.
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