Resetting a password for admin in PHP

Hi, we have a PHP intranet site at work, whose admin password is lost, it was build in php and mysql, hosted on Linux, all we have is a root password for Linux, so how can we reset the password for the portal which is hosted on our intranet site?
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LeoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
have resolved the question by myself.
Puspharaj SelvarajSr.System engineerCommented:
Sure, you can reset the password.

reset the password via mysql like this
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
That's if your intranet site uses phpmyadmin. If not, use the steps from above to reset mysql root password, then drop Adminer somewhere in your html path and navigate to the page.

Put root and your new password in the Adminer login page, then identify what database is your application using, then identify it's user's table and then modify/add users and passwords.

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Julian HansenCommented:
When you say admin password - do you mean the password to the database ro the password to access the system?

If PHP is accessing the database then a user name and password used by the PHP script should be available somewhere in the code - a config file etc.

This will allow you to access the databse.

If your app manages its own security and you are looking for the admin password to the application - i.e. stored in a user table in the database then you can use the credentials as obtained above and use them to access the table where the passwords are stored.

You can then simply (depending on how passwords are stored) enter a new password.

If the password is hashed or encrypted - you can look at the PHP code to see how it is encrypting the password and replicate that process when creating a new value.

If you are wanting to reset the root password to the MySQL database you can find out more on how to do this here
LeoAuthor Commented:
When i say database, i mean username/password to access the web portal on intranet.
On Centos when i enter the command mysql ( to connect to DB to access tables) i get an error 1045 message: Access Denied for user `root1@`localhost` (using password:NO).
Do i have to use different login details to access mysql db?
Julian HansenCommented:
If you don't have the login details - or they are not working then the link in my previous post is the one to look at.

Are you sure root1 exists on the database? default is root?
LeoAuthor Commented:
Those instructions are for windows box, i am running linux through cli...would the same instructions work?
so on centos iam logged in as root. Sorry that was a typo, in the error message its root@,
i have the root password for mysql, but how i should access mysql DB? when i type in #mysql, it gives an error which i posted, is there a different way of connecting to mysql database in centos?
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Damn that crystal ball is late in coming. We should of known you're using phpBB, it was so obvious from your post...
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