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Need programming sources...

Hello all.  I am not a programmer by any means, but somehow, over the past 7 years, I managed to put together, what started out as a simple time tracking system. and later evolved into a quite complex time tracking, Equipment mileage tracking, employee training, etc. system for our company.  This application is written primarily in Classic ASP, JavaScript, vbscript, and a little Flash and CSS are thrown in there.  The database being used currently is MS Access.

This application is starting to fail within newer browsers, so we need to have the application recreated in a current language and standards.

Can anyone point me to any programming firms that have a good reputation and are reasonable?  There are only about 30 employees in our company.  I would be willing to consider foreign or domestic firms.  I am currently in the US.

Thanks in advance,

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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
>>I've deleted your post as it's classed as advertising and soliciting for work.

Fair enough - but he is asking specifically for firms to recode things for him.

If this is going to far them please delete the following section:
Numerous experts here will provide coding/consultancy services.  You can click on the name of an expert and look in their profile if that is the case.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Mike: The main thing you need to do is come up with an expression of the problem.  You will need to tell us your budget and timelines, and the technical requirements.

You need to be able to tell any potential bidder what the data bases look like (table structure) what the views contain (web screen shots) and what the business logic contains (where data comes from and how it is handled).  This information is going to be necessary for you to (1) tell anyone what you need them to do and (2) figure out if they did the job correctly.  You will also want to isolate a test data set that permits experimentation.  If you don't do this, expect your contractor to do it for you.  It may cost more if you have to pay someone else to develop the test data.

If the application is web enabled and available via a URL from anywhere you will probably get better offers, since the geographical restrictions will be removed.  If the app is an intranet thing that requires someone to work in your office during development, well, you're pretty much limited to hiring locally.

There's a small chance we could show you a "quick fix" if you can tell us what the symptoms of failure are -- sometimes things are easier than they look.  However this is no substitution for refactoring, and any application that has grown by topsy over several years is screaming out for refactoring.  So you will refactor; it's just a question of how and when, and of course, how much cost is involved.
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
I'd suggest starting by migrating the db to mssql express. You can probably do this yourself. Now you backend can be hit from different places, modified, etc... This allows you or someone else to now begin v2 if your front end and still hit the same back end if the design is sound.
tmss_it_deptAuthor Commented:
@Ray Paseur

Thank you for the great input.  Sorry to all for all the 'solicitation' issues.  I didn't even think about that when I posted the question.  I know that I originally looked for some sort of Classic ASP to .net application, but I don't think that exists.  

I agree with you that things have definitely changed in my styles over the seven years.  I originally let Dreamweaver write most of the code, and as I learned a little more, I cleaned up some of Dreamweaver's code because it is so confusing when you need to tweak a simple query.

The specific problems I am having is that obviously Flash is less and less supported, but I am using FusionCharts, and I noticed yesterday that they have a JavaScript version which I can convert to.  I also use a little AJAX, and I think that is where I am getting some of my issues with Chrome and FireFox.  For example, I have a button that looks to another page for processing and should display the results in a <div>, but the button won't do anything in other browsers.  It may just be syntax, or code no longer accepted by newer browsers.

I also get issues with table formatting between browsers, since I really don't use CSS for layout.  The only CSS I am using is for font formatting.

As for the current site, it is on the Internet, so any programmer could access it.  I have a test site which is where I do all my testing, so it is pretty much identical to our live site.  I  would just need to copy over the existing database.

As for budget, there really isn't a set number.  I would just need to get an idea of what we are looking at, and then present that number to my boss.

Thanks again,

tmss_it_deptAuthor Commented:
Thanks for opening my eyes to the additional requirements that I need to look at.
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