ActiveSync Autodiscover Problem with a Domain

We are running a Exchange 2010 environment and multiple Accepted Domains.
For Autodiscover purpose we are using the redirection method using a dedicated Website like ""

However Autodiscover for a certain domain seems not to be working for some reason.
Running the Domain on returns me the autodiscover xml File. However when I try to set up a Mailbox on my Device (android 4.0) I still have to manually complete the fields.
On the same Mobile Device using any other Domain works perfectly fine (same result on testconnectivity as well). Any ideas how I can identify the problem?

Thanks for your help!
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retokasserConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for your help anyway. I have done some digging and I think I know what's causing the issue.
The affected Domain has a Website Hosted on it's A record and it responds with a redirection to "" no matter what the request looks like.
So when the Mobile Device tries to acces first it gets "http//" - since it's not https it is not supported according to Testconnectivity.
So theoretical (and according to the Testconnectivity as well) the Mobile Device should continue with but it does not. (Probably the redirection from confused it)

So any ideas how I can solve this? Unfortunately I can't disable the redirection on But would it help if I respond with a redirection to my dedicated Website or ""  when I request "".
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Autodiscover with ActiveSync is very hit and miss. Have you tried the SRV record method? I find that is more reliable than the redirect method.

retokasserAuthor Commented:
Since the SRV record method is not supported by all mobile clients I would like to get this working with the redirection site.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The redirection method isn't supported by all mobile clients either.

Cannot really help much further, I have never implemented the redirection site method, so I will drop off the question.

retokasserAuthor Commented:
I will try to configure a conditional redirect for that URL.
That should probably do it.
retokasserAuthor Commented:
Solved it by myself
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