Elastix Call with Custom Number


When I call to some mobile number it will display four digit number on receiver phone.
I want to display my number on receiver phone.
Is this possible . Please help .
Also is this possible to send and receive sms in elastix.
Prakash GuptaAsked:
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To send and receive SMS you can download a module designed for it:

For caller-ID, I agree with the first post - you are not sending the full number if the caller is only seeing four digits.
Sounds like you are sending the extension to your carrier instead of your full phone number.   Check the extension setup for -- the Oubound CDI and the Trunk for Outbound CID & CID Options --

Prakash GuptaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guru and Sage for your kind response.

I will check this sms module and provide you response for it.

Also I checked with Oubound CDI and the Trunk for Outbound CID & CID Options and work on everything to make changes but still call showing 4 digit number, instead of my number.

Let me know is this outbound number depend on sip service provider ?
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It can be, many providers set the numbers and only allow you to use them.  But in the US it's usually one of the valid DIDs provided.  You need to look in the logs for Asterisk to validate wants being sent, or use Wireshark to watch what's being sent then open a ticket with your carrier to determine what what you sent is not what the callee sees on there phone.

Also confirm with your service provider if they are set to accept the Caller-ID number (ANI) that your system is sending.  The carriers can set the service to send a generic replacement number on the calls, but they usually use the listed number for the account, not just four digits.
Prakash GuptaAuthor Commented:
Once again thanks Guru and Sage for your kind response.
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