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Hi all,

could you please recommend me some good system for finance but on a smaller scale than SAP. Something like Oracle or so? What experiences do you have with various systems and what and why would you recommend it? The company buys bonds and lends money.

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MikeOM_DBAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How small is small?
My experience working along side 'Application' DBA's, is that Oracle Financials is a big headache similar to SAP.

Now for accounting software check below links
HelenITAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot! It is a company with 250 people but supports the continent. They are planning to grow so I was thinking if Oracle is the way to go or we still stick to something else and what is good in your opinion?
With SAP or Oracle you will always need DBA support.
With a smaller ERP you only will need a good programmer's support.
For both you will need a "super-user" that will learn the application side and be able to train the rest of the users.
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