use current exchange wildcard cert on second exchange 2010 server


I have two exchange 2010 servers. One has a wildcard cert from go daddy. The other has the built-in cert. Can I import or otherwise use the current cert on the second exchange server - since the cert is a wildcard? If not, or if not recommended, I guess I'll just generate and get a new cert.

king daddyAsked:
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So the private key has to be marked exportable on the first server so you can actually export the .pfx file (with private key).

To do this:
mmc on the server with the certificate installed
add remove snapin
Certfiicates - Computer Account - Local Computer - Certificates
right click on the certificate in question and go to export.
Check export Private key - follow all the steps and you are done.

The simply follow the normal process for installing the exchange certificate.
Provided the second server also has the ability to use the cert (domain etc).

All that is required is that you export the cert with private key for re-use, there are no other restrictions as such.
king daddyAuthor Commented:
thanks becraig. Yes, same domain. To be clear, I export the cert from the first exchange server, import into the second exchange server, and I'm set? What do you mean "for re-use"? Is that an option in the wizard specifically for these circumstances? Exporting from the first exchange server won't affect mail flow or any webmail or mobile device connectivity, correct?
king daddyAuthor Commented:
excellent. thanks so much for the steps.
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