Stranges Files without file name extension on C Drive in SBS2003

Unknown FilesFile ContentsFile Listing by DateHi,
 I just noticed there are a bunch of files in the root directory of C drive in SBS2003 server.
 When I opened in WORD, as seen above, it does not make sense at all.
 There are 4,291 of these and first file date is 11/2/2013 and still being created.
 Can you tell me what this is? I uploaded one of the actual files.

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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Disable the Insight upload feature in your SEP antivirus install and delete those files.  You may also find more of them in another folder too.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Yes I do have Norton End Point Protection, but
What do you mean by Disable the Insight upload feature?
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sgleeAuthor Commented:
Submission Settings
Is the above good?
If those files are created by Norton, then can I delete those files then?
That may do the trick. Yes, you can delete.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.
You're welcome!
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