SBS2011 Migration User Shared folders quotas

Just Migrated an SBS2011 to SBS2011 on new hardware.
No problems encoutered except for:
When running (Change user roles wizard) on all migrated users , with a template setting of No Quotas I get a warning:
Cannot set the quota on folder: X:\users\shares\username.
When I make a new user I don't get the warning.
How vcan I fix this or can I ignore?
Thanks heaps
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Olaf De CeusterAsked:
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Olaf De CeusterAuthor Commented:
Ended up being a Group policy setting.
S00007359Cloud Engineering OfficerCommented:
assume that on path X:\users\shares\username, X:\ is a physical drive letter.

from computer management, ensure that on drive x quota management is configured accordingly

Olaf De CeusterAuthor Commented:
Hi S00007359.

X is the share and is just an example.
There are no quotas system wide?
Olaf De CeusterAuthor Commented:
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