Calender/Meetings Invites Issue

Hi..we have exchange 2010 SP3 server and recently we observed that meeting or calender invites are not receiving in mailbox for one user only.

can someone guide what would be the reason. user is using mail client as outlook and OS is windows 7.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, so no resource delegate is set then, double-check the forwarding and see if there are any Inbox/Transport rules configured for that mailbox.

Running a message trace on one invite addressed to that user should also give us a clue.
AishIT ManagerCommented:
Are the Calendar invites not coming at all or they go to Deleted items folder?
sanjayambreAuthor Commented:
Calendar invites are coming from other users but not receiving from one  particular user who send invites to group email (user is exist in group) or even separate invite to that recipient.
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sanjayambreAuthor Commented:
Is this is a known issue?
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Check for forwarding and delegates:

Get-CalendarProcessing | fl forw*,res*

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Get-Mailbox| fl forw*,del*

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sanjayambreAuthor Commented:
Below are the output of commands:

ForwardRequestsToDelegates : True
ResourceDelegates          : {}

DeliverToMailboxAndForward : False
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