exchange 2013 migration slow


I've set up a coexistence architecture of exchange 2010 and 2013.

I started migrating users over and am finding it painfully slow.  A 1 GB mailbox took about an hour.  

Is that normal?

I don't see any high usage of memory, disk or cpu.

We have 1GB network/switches.
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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
Feel free to honor every expert :-)

Yes, but what we said, Milbox move is not the fasted, nevertheless you should check, if your network is as it should be.

On the other hand, nevertheless there are some architectual changes between 2010 and 2013, you should relax as a side by side scenario is not so unsual. Some of my migrations took several days for the movement, and if you move a bunch during the night or low usuage times, the outage is acceptable as every user is offline only for the time of the movement. With a little intelligence in the movement organisation most of the users do not really recognize, that they are moved. The old server redirects the user to the new mailbox (correct autodisover settings assumed), so a side by side can stay for a while if there was found a windows for each users.

If you have users from other timezones, you just may tr to move your users dependedn from their locations. With the timeshift you an calculate, when you can move which users and even you may seperate critical users from noncritical or small mailboxes from large ones. Or any other system which fits your needs.

So the solution is the right plan how to move it, which the knowledge, what mailbox move speeds you are able to realize.
EEhotlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From our experiences, you should expect this mailbox migration process to take not hour, not days, but weeks (or months in large organizations) to complete. At this point, the most you can do is just to be patient and just wait.  

This was not expected results, as moves from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 were no where near this slow (we moved all boxes in 24-48 hours)

Even after talking to Microsoft Support, have no real answer for this :(
The moving of mailboxes is not the fastest procedure, as items are transfered one by one.
1 GB in one hour is not the most, but may depend from your NIC speeds in all connected systems (Network cards, switches). If your NICs and switches have 1GBit, the maximum transfered amount of data is around 75MB / s, for 100 MBit around 7,5 MB. But the tranfer speed depends on the size of the packets, as smaller the packets as slower the transfer rates.

For 1 GB networks, the speed should be somewhere aroung 5-10 min / 1 GB, at least from my experience for mailbox moves.

You may tr this:
to see if you have some internal issues with your network. You never reach the maximum, but with the highest packet size, you should be able to reach at least around 50%
billFmurrayAuthor Commented:
ugh that's really annoying.  i was hoping i could just move the mailboxes and the archives later, but that doesn't seem to work when I tried.

very frustruating.  Unless I get a magic bullet answer soon, i'll split the points for you two.
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