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I have some input boxes on the screen to allow the user to type in the numbers.  I aslo have an input box to store the Total of all numbers above.  The input box for the Total cannot be changed and I want to display it as $12,345.67.  I use FormatCurrency(txtTotal,2) and the total show up as I want.  But then when I change one of the input numbers, the calculation is not correct.  When I remove FormatCurrency(), it works again.  Is there a way to make the calculation and display work at the same time?

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Scott Fell, EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Developer & EE ModeratorCommented:
I have never had luck with formatcurrancy and I simply add the $ sign as text and use css for formatting.

There may be a rounding issue.

I use
$<%=formatnumber(txtTotal,2)%> or 
response.write "$" & formatnumber(txtTotal,2)

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If you are doing any type of division, you need to first do your rounding.
response.write(Round(24.53278,2)) ' = 24.53
response.write(Round(24.539122,2),2) ' = 24.54


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Putting it together
txtTotal=round(txtTotal,2) ' = 24.59
response.write "$" & formatnumber(txtTotal,2) ' $24.59

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Can you post the code of your format function?
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