.ADP file conversion to .ACCDB format - Access 2013


As we all know that access ADP format have been deprecated from Access 2013.

I am required to migrate ADP format to ACCDB Access 2013 format. we have been able to import all the forms in the new file, however we got stuck in stored procedures as they are not supported by Accdb format. These procedures are being used in forms to pull data from SQL Server. We are using SQL Server 2012.

It would be great if anybody can suggest the solution.

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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
have you tried calling the stored procedure using access VBA ?

see this link
PatHartmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to use bound forms (and you should), you will need to convert them to Access querydefs.  If validation is being done in the stored procedure, you will need to move that into the BeforeUpdate event of the appropriate Form.

If the stored procedures are used for batch updates, you can just run them from Access as Rey suggested.
BitsqueezerConnect With a Mentor Commented:

although you cannot use the stored procedure as RecordSource in the form as in ADPs you can of course use the result of a SP in a form without a DAO object.

Simply create an ADO Recordset object (as described in the in the link Rey posted above) and then assign that to the Recordset property of the form because any form is able to work with either DAO or ADO recordsets, the form class converts them internally.

But expect some side effects in the case of a SP: For example, if you press F5 it is possible that you get errors instead of a requery because Access cannot requery such recordsets with the internal methods. So if you want to avoid that you must disable such functions and create an own requery method - or you must indeed create the logic of the SP in the frontend in VBA and use a DAO object.
(That's one of the reasons why I will go on working with ADPs as they are a lot easier to work with as ACCDB.)


For single record (or small quantity) recordsets, stored procedures offer no advantages over standard bound forms.  I would cut the cord entirely rather than worrying about side effects.
Hi Pat,

that depends on what the SP does. If it is only a replacement for a view with parameters then you're right, a simple linked view with parameters in the frontend is enough in that case. But often SPs are created to do complicated calculations, summations, procedural code and so on - there's nothing which could replace that in the frontend which would make sense because that's the real power of using a database server: Having an active backend which can do all the heavy data work and only return the result.


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