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Internal DNS Issue

I am having a problem resolving our external website, internally. For example, our website, "www.abc.com" when entered outside of our AD Domain, resolves as it should. However, when inside our AD Domain, the address does not resolve and goes to a dead page. "abc.com" is our domain for email, however we use a different domain address internally for AD. Any ideas? This problem has been like this for awhile but only now having the time to take a look at it. I'm not extremely familiar with DNS host records, so please be descriptive with what changes I need to make and where, etc.

Thank you!
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2 Solutions
Start your dns management. In theforward lookup, abc.com folder, add an A record for www (enter IP number it should have)
matthewstrandAuthor Commented:
Thank you! That worked for www. sub domain, but now I need it to resolved just abc.com. How and What record would I update for that?
Santosh GuptaCommented:

go to DNS console and create a new forward lookup Zone, name it abc.com (your external website name).

1. create A record that pointing to your abc.com IP.
2. create a www Cname record in abc.com forward lookup zone that will point to your A record that you created in step 1.

restart the DNS.

run below command on system

now you should able to access the external website internally.
If you got it to work, you can follow the same steps, but while you filled in www before, fill in nothing, and continue as before. of course,following the other solution means, when there's an IP change, you only need to change it once.

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