configuring active/active cluster with firebox XTM510 requires multicasting enabled on L3

I need to turn my active/passive firewall cluster of 2 XTM510s into an active/active cluster and I need to enable multicasting on everything layer 3. I have several L3 switches (Cisco & Dell) on this subnet that I need to do this on. Has someone who has done this any tips or possibly step by step guides on how to go about this?

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skullnobrainsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i have little to no knowlege of watchguard, but regular firewall cluster setups work by sharing a regular non-multicast ip among the cluster members so there should be no need for IP multicasting.

then some switches/routers don't like to see the same ips or macs on different ports and shutdown the corresponding port or the whole network or vlan when that happens. don't worry too much, it will happen either at once or never so you can safely forget about that once things are set up.
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