Netgear readyNAS remote HTTPS access

I have a Netgear readyNAS that will have the sole purpose of providing HTTPS access to files for remote access.

I can access the ReadyNAS from a remote site via HTTPS as the admin for the unit and upload download files.  I can connect as an additional user, but not via HTTPS.

I'm thinking this is a user rights issue, but I am stumped.
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skullnobrainsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you don't have the skills to create it yourself and already bought the netgear nas, why don't you setup an https-capable reverse-proxy such as apache, or nginx, or even use an SSL to regular tcp bridge such as stunnel.

this link
will let you generate a self-signed certificate and provides apache configuration block and instructions to generate one yourself if you don't want to use the one they generated for you
Either add users, or add active directory users.  make sure they have https access rights.
hgj1357Author Commented:
Under Accounts | Users  I have added 2 users.  For each I have:

Re Password

Where do I assign HTTPS access?
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ktaczalaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yup, you're not gonna like it.  There is no HTTPS support for users.  Only HTTP, supposedly it still will prompt for username and password but not over secure port 443.

Looks like they have ReadyNas Remote app for that.   But it's only for certain models.

See this video link:
Which Netgear readyNAS do you have?  Some of them only have https for the Admin console.  You'll need to set the user permissions in the Shares section.
hgj1357Author Commented:
ReadyNAS 102

I think you're both right. HTTPS only for admin. Have to use the cloud thing for users to access shares. Not really what I was looking for.
hgj1357Author Commented:
Well that boils my piss.  Pretty clearly states on the tin that it does HTTPS as well as NFS; SMB; FTP etc.  I even spent 90 mins on the phone with Netgear where a tech is still convinced that it can be made to do HTTPS.

Well back to the drawing board.  I need a simple HTTPS solution for client file uploads and downloads if you've got any bright ideas.  I can use a spare workstaiton with Cerebus, but that gets expensive. I don't have the dkills to whip up a linux box to do the job.  I really thought one of these devices would do the trick.
Have you checked the netgear kb link I posted on how to set permissions on the shares?  Maybe you can do https, but you have to prepare the permissions first.
hgj1357Author Commented:
@ serialband

Yeah.  The interface in your link is far more detailed than the simplistic interface I have. I am 99% certain the the ReadyNAS 102 does not support HTTPs other than for remote admin control.
hgj1357Author Commented:
That would take me so long to accomplish that it would be cheaper for me to pay the $1,200 and use Cerebus. Which is probably what I should do.
This is much easier than it looks (order of magnitude simpler than setting up a home nas ) and probably not much longer than the time you already spent on the forum. But cerberus was a great product last time i used it (years ago, ftp only ) so you will probably be happy with it. I ll be happy to help if you choose otherwise.
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