Your Web Browser is not Rich Text Enabled

I have a client who has a website that needs to open up a Rich Text Editor box. When she goes to open up the text editor she gets the error message "Your Web Browser is not Rich Text Enabled". The browser is IE11 and according to everything I have seen, all you have to do is put the website into Compatibility Mode and it will work but it doesn't work on her PC. I tested the website on mine with IE11 and got the same error but as soon as I put the website into Compatibility Mode the Rich Text box showed up exactly as it should. On the clients PC I have tried Firefox and Google Chrome and all of them do not work. I tested Firefox and Google Chrome on mine and they both work. I restored her system back to IE10 but it is still doing the same thing. I ran the reset tool in IE as well to remove all the plugin's and custom settings and still no go. Other users in the office do not have this issue, the Rich Text Editor box opens up just fine. At this point I assume it is some piece of software that only she has installed on her system but I have no idea what it could be. Does anyone have any advice or insights as to what it could be. I spend too much more time on this and I would be better off backing up her data and starting over? I have attached two pictures, one with what the text box should look like and the second is what hers looks like.
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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
Just not to exclude the most stupid thing, I assume you also cleared the browser cache, right?

OK, you said on th client PC, neither IE nor Firefox and crome works, right? On other machines, all of them works, right?

As there is not so much common between the browsers. Virus Scanner and Firewall you excluded. As RTF is not a common browser functionality you need a plugin, java script or a piece of software. If you know the cmponent, check what is needed for the RTF element and id there is something to install, a reinstall is a try. If it is java based, I would try to remove java from the machine and reinstall the latest version. Have in mind that also java has a cache which an be cleaned as well as java hosts certificates. Sometimes installation interference with java, i.e. if java is installed by another software and conflicts with a downloaded java version.

ANother thought is what is in front of the computer. If none of the browser works, it can even be device in front of the computer which may make some trouble. I think about routers etc. If this is the case, try a different location, connet the computer to a network connection, where another one works. Just to exclude this.
It looks like, that the plugin itself is interpreted different.

I just would do the following (as you have similar systems with different results).
Check non working against working system.

- Security zone in which the site is opened (see the properties of the site).
- Check the settings in the IE settings if something is different.
-Check the bwoser plugins, if the are the same, something missing, something disabled or wrong version (ie. also different poffice versions).
- Check if virus scanner or local firewall are involved.
Marc ZCommented:
Is this a private website that you have to log in to use? Looks to me like it might be a preference/setting/option in the website.  Can you provide a link?
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BigNate99Author Commented:
The link is below but requires a login which I cannot give out.
BigNate99Author Commented:
Bembi: I have checked the IE settings and plugins already. I also tried putting the site in the Trusted Sites list with the security setting to low. I have disabled AntiVirus and also the Windows Firewall. I have tested the site on a bunch of random PC's at my office, my home and at other clients and they all work just fine with just one exception, in Internet Explorer I must add the site into Compatibility Mode before it works but in Firefox or Google Chrome they are work without doing anything. This is a weird one.

mtz1of4: Also, there is no change that needs to be a made at the website itself or for the login. I am using the same login when testing at every PC and they all work except this one PC.
Marc ZCommented:
Hmmm. Weird indeed. I didn't realize you were using the same login info.
You have tried 3 different browser s on her machine and all give the same result so it must be a system setting or a third party program.  I'm thinking some script setting/protection in the av or antimalware program.  
 This might be fastest fix is rebuild.
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