logmein free no more

now that logmein is no longer free, any suggestions for the most economical way to access my friends and familys computers still for help when they ask?  I had about 12 connected to my free logmein and only need to access them once in a while and one at a time.  thanks
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Frosty555Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Teamviewer - it's free for personal use (with nag screens), and for commercial use you can pay a one-time fee to purchase a license to the corporate edition. Shortly after LogMeIn dropped the free plan, I ended up moving to TeamViewer, and honestly I've never looked back.

rick81Connect With a Mentor Commented:
+1 for team viewer.  

great software!!
mlsbravesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
+2 for Team Viewer. It's your best free option. You can also look at join.me for a quick, no install, temporary remote access.
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Paul SauvéConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
+3 for Team Viewer.

Also, if you all have Google accounts, you can install and use the Remote Desktop app in the Google Chat window.
StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
teamviewer it shall be :-)  thanks all
StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
thank you
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