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In my environment, I am using exchange 2010, and suddenly some users (60) are started to complain that they are experiencing intermittent slow response from outlook, and as an investigation I found that  Hub version 14 queue is getting higher in one of the DAG member server, can you please advice.
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ipsec600Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks  jrhelgeson for your post, I opened a support case with Microsoft to assist me on the investigation, quite surprisingly, Microsoft took long time to investigate, and finally through Netmon trace it figured out that HUB server was not able to send data to EDGE server and eventually did not receive packet acknowledgement, and network team investigated and found that there was a faulty module in the network switch and after replacing the faulty module issue because resolved.
ipsec600Author Commented:
it seems now all users are affected and emails are becoming too slow for delivery and HUB version 14 queue is getting higher gradually, need advise how can i troubleshoot this issue.
ipsec600Author Commented:
I have increased Memory in  all exchange dag member servers and restarted all DAG member servers as well, and found everything was started to work properly, but after couple of hours HUB version 14 queue is becoming higher and exchange started to consume all memory. Can you advise what needs to investigate please.
A special Send connector named the intra-organization Send connector exists on every Hub Transport server. This connector is implicitly created, invisible, and requires no management. The intra-organization Send connector is used to relay messages to the following destinations:

To other Hub Transport servers in the Exchange organization, including Exchange 2007 Hub Transport servers

To Exchange Server 2003 servers in the Exchange organization

To Edge Transport servers in the Exchange organization

By default, protocol logging for the intra-organization Send connector is disabled. You can enable or disable protocol logging for the intra-organization Send connector by using the IntraOrgConnectorProtocolLoggingLevel parameter on the Set-TransportServer cmdlet. If you enable protocol logging for the intra-organization Send connector, logging occurs in the Send connector protocol logs configured on the Hub Transport server.
ipsec600Author Commented:
Microsoft support identified the root cause and resolved the issue.
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