outbound traffic route issue on Cisco 1811 router

I am running into a problem with a Cisco 1811 router. This router has 2 WAN ports and 8 LAN ports. Connected a laptop to FE 9 port , and WAN to FE 0. Can ping public ip addresses, internal ip addresses ( vlan100) and laptop dhcp ip address from router. Though unable to ping public ip addresses from laptop (can ping internal router ip) Config attached..
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Hassan BesherCommented:
you don't have the full NAT config:

1)access-list 1 permit your_lan_address_range

2)ip nat inside source list access-list number interface overload

Also enable ip proxy-arp under vlan 100
Exactly as Hassan says, the NAT configuration is not there. As you configured nat inside and outside on interfaces, you are unable to ping next hop from the laptop.
kavlinsAuthor Commented:
That worked guys.
kavlinsAuthor Commented:
Since you guys looked into that what you think about this similar config but thru PPPoE, there is internet but laptop on FE 9 doesnt ping public ips.
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