Vipre and Kaspersky and AVG

We use AVG Antivirus Business, but soon they will switch all accounts to Cloud based. I don't like cloud based. So I started looking at others, now I downloaded and testing Vipre Business Antivirus. I installed agents on three computers, need to see how it works for a week.

Admin console looks good, easy to navigate.
I can install Vipre agent on clients without modifying underlying Windows firewall.
It finishes manual scans quickly.

After a few hours of testing, it seems blocking, but it just passed through some malware websites that AVG detected.

But I noticed after installing Vipre, one of computer (Windows 8.1, AMD FX-8150, AsRock motherboard), didn't like to boot, it went to Windows Repair. Then it booted up, I restarted PC again, it failed to boot for 3 times, but finally did. Also, Outlook seems hanging from time to time. I disabled email scanning on the policy, it's ok now.

If you currently use Vipre at your network to cover workstations and servers, can you share your experience? How about Kaspersky if you used?

I also tested free version of Bitdefender, it also just passes through which AVG detected problems. AV-Compartives show Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Vipre all ranked higher than AVG, but I think it's just for antiviru testing they conducted, not spyware, malware mostly spread by visiting websites.

The reason I chose to test Vipre was, its performance consuming less resource, and that part seems true. How about Kaspersky?
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Bill BachPresidentCommented:
As a consultant, I see a lot of different solutions at client sites.  We use Vipre internally, and I've been on it since Norton Antivirus went down the tubes years ago.  I have been ecstatic with the ability to use Vipre on my systems and avoid the "churn & burn" of other solutions.  Further, their tech support is top-notch.  Try calling them and see for yourself.  One thing I don't like is the control over exclusions for false-positives.  For example, some of my old CDROM folders contain AUTORUN files that spawn an HTML page when the CD is inserted, and it flags these as a problem.  So, I have to set up an exclusion.  However, it is unclear if you are allowing a single file to exist or if you are allowing the entire type of virus to be allowed,  

I've seen problems with all AV solutions over the years, of course.  Symantec NAV got dog-slow.  McAfee started doing some bad things with scanning INI files and locking open named pipes.  Trend Micro can slow down a database application (working over TCP) to a positive CRAWL -- letting through one network request every 500ms (when a system normally runs requests in 0.5ms or less).  I've had no bad experience with Kaspersky yet, but honestly don't see it much out in the corporate world in which I live.

In any event, I would recommend multiple layers of security.  You should consider not only PC-centric AV solutions, but you should ALSO have Web protection.  We use Vipre internally, but also have a NetGear UTM firewall/web security solution to deal with "bad" web sites and Email filtering.  Their STM solutions are suitable for larger sites where you already have a firewall and just want some in-line protection (with very little configuration effort needed).  Using two layers gives you a MUCH better chance of protecting the users from doing something stupid.
mebaby333It AdminCommented:
My company used Vipre prior to me being here and they were not satisfied at all. I was told it consumed resources too terribly...

When I got here I made it a priority to pursue consistent antivirus and finally got my boss to agree to Kaspersky Security Center 10 and I love it. I have had a couple issues and they took care of it right away with an online submission process and the engineer even called me to finish resolution. Since implementing it I have had only minor malware pop ups but it is because I set settings low due to the kick back I was getting from the previous antivirus.

It has what most would offer in an Administration based product including centralized deployment, remote desktop, centralized quarantine, even can perform Windows updates and check security vulnerabilities from the console.

The Security Center also had a great price. I worked with Kaspersky and they recommended one of their affiliated sales people and wow they offered quite a deal.  

If you have specific questions then I can answer them on Kaspersky. I don't have experience with Vipre I just know the effect because it was already gone when I was hired.

Oh and Kaspersky Security Center 10 also includes a Web filter, mail filter, and IM filter. I can even pull reports on page view attempts.
You may like to try Webroot SecureAnywhere (business) instead of Vipre for an excellent cloud-based solution.
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crcsupportAuthor Commented:
For two level protection, We already have subscription to Sonicwall gateway antivirus spyware antispam, I sometimes forgot we have it because it passes through lots of malwares and all kinds. But I will stick to it since it's the only can be integrated with firewall, maybe at some day or one day it does its job.

I think I have to actually set up another seperate environment to test Kaspersky.
Viruses that it didn't find while AVG finds, were detected during scheduled deep scans. I wondered why quick scan finished too and too fast (2minutes). I didn't expect much from quick scan, but now deep scan takes 80 minutes and found 13 trojans and others I expected it to find. It consumes 20-30% resources of my pc comparing nothing to quick scan, but quick scan didn't find none of virus. So, it seems as going for deep scan once it's installed, then quick scan every day and deep scan once a week or daily over night. But still Web access monitoring for  spyware seems weak...which is the most of cases where PC gets infected.

Looking back Vipre edition feature list they have again, Vipre Antivirus Business doesnt' have 'Bad Website Blocking' and 'advanced thread monitoring' which Vipre Antivirus Business Premium has. In terms of cost, maybe AVG business antivirus does what high tier edition of other products.
from my (aging) experience, kaspersky is very fast and has a great detection rate. you don't need the whole suite, of course for simple AV detection (keep things fast and less expensive). combined with clam, it will most likely detect everything that any other AV detects.

for double-layer security, clam in a proxy seems good

note that expecting an antivirus to protect a machine that has several detected troyans is quite unreasonable. it is even worse if this machine is in a network of machines that are all in the same case.

if you don't want to gather viruses while browsing, the first rule is don't ever use IE. a better one would be don't use windows.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
I'm evaluating Kaspersky, I'll post the result
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
First of all, Kaspersky has more complex interface, it gives flexibility for administrators to select what they want. But when scheduling scanning, there's no way you can give rights to users to stop/pause/resume scanning.
For scanning, the performance is worst among AVG, Vipre, Bitdefender, Avast with default policy. I only changed default scanning setting without 'scan removable storage'. Then when scheduled scan launches, the CPU time stays 80-100% consistent for 1 and half hour of scanning on low end  computer (Core 2 Due, 2GB ram). Even checking 'Concede to other applications' does't help on second scanning.  I couldn't stop/pause scanning because Kaspersky doesn't allow administrator to give rights to user for such action in policy setting. I don't agree that they assume scanning is the higest priority at the moment in business. When they tailored all complicate settings on administrator interface, administrator can give right to stop/pause/resume scanning, which is odd.

I'm going with AVG
mebaby333It AdminCommented:
Which version are you using? In Security Center 10 I can set up user access, which I don't allow for most machines. I can even hide the icon from the users. I also have a password set to override scans on the local machine if I need to.
mebaby333It AdminCommented:
Are you scanning an infected machine?
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Kaspersky Security Endpoint for business -Select.
No, the scan was done for twice believing the first scan may take longer, but there was no difference.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
I created another folders and put some downloaded programs which was detected for trojans in a certain folder. It's about 30 trojans and others. And several malicious websites.

I think I will test all of them in market.
Testing down with AVG business antivirus, Vipre business antiviru, Kaspersky endpoint business select.
Now, I'm about to do Trendmicro
Even checking 'Concede to other applications' does't help on second scanning.

this setting only makes a difference when you actually use something else. it makes the task run low priority but it will still use 100% of the available horsepower.

some of the other antivirus probably use 50% because they use a single CPU


also note that scans can be run during non-office hours, and that a complete daily scan is mostly useless and has a HUGE impact on the longevity of your machines whatever solution you choose.


if you actually run comparisons, feel free to post the results. don't forget avira in your tests.
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