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If I have text on page 2, but hit enter on page one, the test on page 2 moves down a row. Is there a way to preserve what ever is on page 2 to stay in place no matter what I do on page 1?
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Rgonzo1971Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi I suppose you have paragraph marks all the way down in page 1 to page 2

Instead of all the paagraph mark  select them and insert a Page break

In WD2010 Insert / Pages / Page Break

the text in page 2 will then only move if page 1 is more than full

Use a next page section break, if using word 2010 this is on the Page Layout Tab under breaks :-)
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Don't forget that if there is insufficient room for all the text on one page, it will inevitably overflow on to the next. If you use a manual page break, when the page overflows a  new page will be created and page 2 will become page 3.

It might help to show the formatting marks with the Show/Hide(¶) button on the Home tab.
To be clear on the matter of the ¶ symbols...

No serious user of Word types without them ;-)
Yes, it's pilcrows forever.
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