Using Crystal Reports to display a Timespan field

I have a client who is using Crystal Reports 11 to create reports from an MS SQL database.  One of the tables contains some timespan fields, which just display as long integers when dropped onto a crystal report.

How does he (or I) format a timespan in Crystal so that is appears as HH:mm:ss format?
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Wasim Akram ShaikCommented:
check elapsed_time function here .. this could be of help
DO you know what the numbers represent?

If it is the number of seconds the above formulas will work.  If they represent something else then a different formula is required.

WestcountryBusinessAuthor Commented:
Its a timespan field, created in VB.Net, coverted to ticks and saved as a System.Int64, so I think that formula will work.  I'll test it.  Thanks.
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WestcountryBusinessAuthor Commented:
Sorry I completely forgot about this.  Yes, that solution worked.  Happy to close and award points to wasimibm.  Thanks everyone for the help.
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