Forward email from user in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 to multiple recipients?

How can I forward a users email to more than one recipient?

I don't have other options once I've selected one user as no command allows me to select multiple users.
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Tony GiangrecoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try setting up a distribution group and forward the mail to that group.
csandlinAuthor Commented:
I did that but the distribution group does not appear on the list of available groups to choose from.
Justin YeungConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EngineerCommented:
it should work, however if you just created the DL, it might not show up immediately under exchange console.

however you can run a shell command to set that up.

Set-Mailbox -Identity "Dan Park" -ForwardingAddress "" -DeliverToMailboxAndForward $False
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